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1b- Digital Fashion Pro V8 Basic - Fashion Design Software. Design Basic Tops, T-shirts and Pants for Men and Women. Includes Training. Super Easy to use. Start Designing Clothing Today!
Create Fashion Designs With Digital Fashion Pro Basic

1b- Digital Fashion Pro V8 Basic - Fashion Design Software. Design Basic Tops, T-shirts and Pants for Men and Women. Includes Training. Super Easy to use. Start Designing Clothing Today!

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Digital Fashion Pro Basic V8
Rated: 4.8 / 5 based on 2136 customer reviews
Product description: Digital Fashion Pro Basic V8 is a clothing design software. It allows users to create professional fashion sketches. It comes with vector garment templates, models, fabrics and training. When combined together you can create your own clothing line designs and more!

Digital Fashion Pro Basic - clothing design software system

Digital Fashion Pro Basic V8 On Sale Today!  

The Industry's #1 Fashion Design Software for clothing designers, clothing lines, professionals, aspiring fashion designers, beginners and schools! Super Easy To Use! 

Simply the best fashion design program to design with + plus it is very affordable especially today During our Super 1 Day Sale! 

Only $199 Today! Regular Price: $399.

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Go From Aspiring Fashion Designer to Professional With Digital Fashion Pro Today!

Super Easy To Learn & Use!

You Will Love This Program! + We Guarantee It Works As Described!

Digital Fashion Pro is a powerful CAD Fashion Design System for today's professional and aspiring fashion designers who want a program that can design cutting edge designs without limitations at a great price. Start designing and creating professional fashion sketches today with Digital Fashion Pro. Since 2004, we have been helping aspiring fashion designers & ordinary people who may not have a fashion background learn how to create their own professional clothing designs and start professional clothing lines.

Just bring your creativity and let Digital Fashion Pro help you do the rest. No drawing skills, sewing skills or prior experience needed to create pro level fashion designs. Don't be afraid to invest in your dream of designing clothing or creating your own clothing line. Today is a fantastic day to start your journey into the world of fashion! Digital Fashion Pro makes it easy to create your fashion sketches, manage them, edit them, print them out, email them and share them. 

* Design Your Own Clothing Line, Portfolio, Lookbook

* Hundreds of Clothing Templates that You can Modify

* 100 Digital Fabric Files That You Can Add to Your Designs + Use Regular Colors

* Comes with Easy to Follow Training

* It Is Even Easy to Use For Beginners With No Design Experience

* No Drawing Skills Are Needed

* You Can Print Your Designs

* Send Your Designs to Your Manufacturer For Them to Make Your Line

* Compatible with Windows and Mac 



women clothing  design clothing for men  

V8 Basic Design Software Includes These Hot Features:

  • Digital Fashion Pro Basic comes on Digital Fashion Pro USB Flash Drive
  • Unisex: Men and Women Clothing featuring basic fronts and backs of: Pants, Shorts, Tanks, Tees, Polos, Leggings
  • Male and Female T-Shape Models (Front & Back) with a variety of skin tones & hair styles
  • 105 Digital Fabric Files featuring: Cottons, Velour, Terry Cloth, Nylon, Thermal, Camouflage, Denim, Khaki, and Knits
  • Button, Zippers, Hangtags and Pocket Templates
  • 60 Minute Training Video / Basic Training Course - that take you step by step through designing your first garments
  • E-Training Guide - step by step design instruction & screen shots
  • Create Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Flare, Regular fit, Bell Bottom, Capris, Low Rise, High Rise and more!
  • Over 200 templates are included
  • All Templates are fully vector so that they are super easy to manipulate and change
  • Add Upgrades to do much more! 

  • What happens after you order: You order it. We ship it to you. You it install it on your computer. You watch the training. You start designing your own professional fashion sketches in minutes! It is just that simple and we guarantee our product works just as we describe! Order it Today!

    Template Notice: Basic V8 comes with Pants and Tops Garment Templates only. See  the optional upgrades for other clothing types and styles such as dresses. Image gallery displays examples of what can be created with Digital Fashion Pro and upgrade libraries. If you want to know what package of Digital Fashion Pro you should get based on what you want to design - See Our Buying Guide To Buying The Right Fashion Design Software For Your Needs.

    Digital Fashion Pro Basic + Optional Upgrades - Fashion Sketch Examples
    (Note: Basic Version Only Includes Basic Tops and Pants Style Templates)

    Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software System

    Fashion Sketches featured above were created with Digital Fashion Pro Basic and Upgrade Libraries. You can design almost any style with Digital Fashion Pro Basic and optional upgrades. The Basic Edition on this page only covers Tees, Pants, Shorts, Tanks, Leggings and Polos - ONLY. Visit the DigitalFashionPro.com page to see other editions and upgrade libraries.

    M Mendincino - Digital Fashion Pro Client - fashion designer

    "I am loving this program and it is quite easy to use. I am thrilled and so excited to have my designs come to life! The information I received from your book "How to start a Clothing Line" proved to be so valuable to me as I was able to save so much time and it really prevented me from making costly mistakes. I am off to Indonesia in November to tour the factory where I will have my clothing made. BRAVO to you guys for making my dreams come true! A fashion designer is born!!!"

    - M. Mendicino

    Vida Craddock - Digital Fashion Pro Client

    "I love your software and recommend it any chance I get. You were my life saver and self-esteem. You helped me make my freelance designs a success. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T GO TO THE FASHION SCHOOLS and giving us the same opportunity to be just as good and successful by using your software."

    Vida Craddock - Designs by Vida

    Digital Fashion Pro Client

    "Was so excited when I received your programmes! As a small fashion business, anything that helps make the process of working from an idea to designing, then producing, makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Your programs are helping me achieve my goals!"

    - R. Brunton - Via Our Facebook Page

    Digital Fashion Pro Client - Fashion Designer T. Leaks

    "Thank you so much for creating the Digital Fashion Pro software! It has been a joy to work with...!!"

    - T. Leaks - Via our Facebook.com

    Digital Fashion Pro Basic Templates

    Digital Fashion Pro Basic Edition comes with 2 T-shape Models (Male and Female). Each model can be customized by changing complexion, hair style, hair color, fingernails, lips, eyes etc. We also included a couple other example fashion sketches. The Basic Version has templates for Tees, Pants, Shorts and Polos. Be sure to see the Official Digital Fashion Pro Page to see more sketches and additional packages that allow you to do more and design more styles.

    Design Jeans with Digital Fashion Pro Basic   

    Design T-shirts with Digital Fashion Pro Basic

    Digital Fashion Pro T-shirt creation software

    Designer T-shirt creator - womens t-shirt - men t-shirt

    Leggings and Kittie T-shirt - fashion design app

    On Sale Today Only for $199. Buy Digital Fashion Pro Basic! Regular Price $399

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    Digital Fashion Pro

    The Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Mogul Package

    Launch Your Clothing Line and Give It the Competitive Edge With: The Fashion Mogul Package - 10 Items! Get 8 Fashion Design & Business Items + 2 Free eBooks of Fashion Contacts ($200 Value)

    Design Everything In The Industry Edition + Get Our Starting a Clothing Line Business Kit!

    This is the Package that helps Aspiring Fashion Designers Turn Their Idea Into A Professional Clothing Line! This Course Will Give You Insider Clothing Line Tips That Will Help You to Make Your Line A Success. It Packs 15+ Years of Direct Fashion Industry Experience From the Small Start-Up Clothing Line Perspective With Goals To Become A Global Fashion Brand.

    Fashion Mogul Package which includes Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Fashion Design Software

    10 Items: Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition (6 Items) + Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line, Fashion Business Center (Spec Sheet Templates and more), Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook featuring over 400 Apparel Manufacturers from around the world + Free Retailers List eBook. This package gives you the tools to start your line, design it, get it made and in stores.

    This item is one of our most popular packages among people who are starting their own line or they are a new clothing line. It has all of our most important essentials for the business person / designer. You may not know anything about the fashion industry or designing but after getting this package - you will be able to hang with the best of them. This package makes it easy for you to not only find a manufacturer but know how to conduct business with them. This package will have you on your way to creating your own professional clothing line! It is built on Our 15+ Years of Experience in the Fashion Industry. You will learn true insider knowledge that will help you navigate the fashion industry successfully and cut down significantly on the mistakes that most new designers make. You will feel like you have a personal mentor with The Fashion Mogul Package! 

    Features & Benefits of The Fashion Mogul Package:

    1. You will know how to start your clothing line from scratch or greatly enhance the line that you have already started
    2. You will have the tools that you will need in each step of the fashion design process of getting your clothing made
    3. You will be able to design Men's and Women's Clothing such as Tees, Jeans, Dresses, Skirts, Swimwear, Shoes, Handbags, Pants, Jogging Suits, Sportswear, Hoodies, Business Attire, Tops, Lingerie, Sweaters and More
    4. You will be able to not only find a manufacturer to make your line but how to effectively conduct business with them
    5. You will learn how to effectively sell your collections to apparel retailers
    6. There are so many benefits of having this package that we can't name them all!

    “Arrington and Harper have created a real-world manual to starting a fashion business for any apparel designer. The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line is a comprehensive handbook for fashion entrepreneurs, and having the inside track from two successful designers who started from the ground floor is absolutely inspiring!”

    - Julie P. Fashion Design Chair, International Academy of Design and Technology -- MI.

    Designs: Menswear, Women's Wear, Baby Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Designer Denim

    Items Included in the Fashion Mogul Package:

    1. Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software Basic ($199 Value)

    2. Style Pack 1 ($199 Value)

    3. Beyond the Basics ($199 Value)

    4. Digital Fabric Library ($199 Value)

    5. Denim Wash Factory ($199 Value)

    6. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Line Book ($125 Value)

    7. Fashion Business Center ($149 Value)

    8. Ultimate List of Clothing Manufacturers eBook - Over 400 Manufacturers Worldwide ($125 - Free With Package)

    9. Retailers List eBook ($75 - Free With Package)

    10. Shoes and Accessories Upgrade ($199 Value)

    * Total Value if you bought every item included in this package on sale today separately: Over $1500. However, you can get it all at one time today in our Fashion Mogul Package during Our Super Sales Event for $475. Over 1/2 Off! Don't miss this incredible deal! Officially kick off your clothing line now.

    On Sale Today Only for $475!  Piece Price when purchased individually is $1750.

    + Use "DFPCash" to get extra $25 Off Your Order. Today Only!

    Don't miss our Super Sale Today - Order Now!

    Digital Fashion Pro

    * Note: Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook ($125 Value) and Retailers List eBook ($75 Value) are both free with this package. They have no monetary value inside of this package.

    * For more information on our Business Tool Products For Starting A Clothing Line, Fashion Business Center for Spec Sheets and Ultimate List of Clothing Manufacturers that can make your line Here >>

    Order Today - This item ships in 3 business days or less via USPS. You will receive a tracking number on the day your order ships. How fast it gets to you depends on which delivery method you select during checkout. Note: Use your credit card billing address during checkout as that is the only address we can ship to. Orders processed with Secure SSL Protection. Order safely with confidence. When you order from us - you are ordering from a trusted company that has been around since 2004. We look forward to serving you.

    Questions? Call Us - 888-435-9234

    System Requirements of Digital Fashion Pro Design Software


    To use Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software you need any Windows System ( XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 ) with at least 2 GB Ram and 8 free GB of hard disk space. If you have an Apple Computer – Mac Requirements are OS 10.7 or Higher. Detailed System Requirements Here

    Prices and packages subject to change without notice.

    To learn more about Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software

    * All check out our How To Start a Clothing Line Blog Here >>
    * Check out this article on the fashion design process and how to get your clothing made Here >>


    Digital Fashion Pro Basic Reviews

    Testimonials and Reviews from Digital Fashion Pro Clients:

    Thanks for the wonderful resources in the Digital Fashion Pro package. I was laid off from my employer in October 2010. I decided that I'd like to launch my own line of handbags, and found your software online. I ordered your materials shortly thereafter, and last month I celebrated the grand opening of my new boutique!
    God Bless you, and thanks again!"
    -- Jasmine Hapgood


    Hi I'm in the military, I been in for eight years. My first duty station was in San Diego, CA where I began to have interest in fashion design. I set up an appointment to visit the fashion school there. I did a tour at the school and was thrilled with the designs. I was going to take classes but the adviser said it would be better to attend the school after I finished my contract in the Navy. 

    I decided to stay in the Navy but still had the desire to start my on clothing line so I begin searching for fashion design software on the internet because my drawing skills was not great and StartingAClothingline.com website came up. I went to the website and I was a little skeptical at first then after about six months I decided to try it. I ordered the Design Basic Pro and three upgrade package first. Loved the software and decided to order six more upgrades. I think you can tell by my orders that I am really enjoying the software.

    The tutorials were on point and the instructor explained it in easy to understand terms; he did an excellent job! I don't have a set style or certain type of clothes that I want to design yet so I'm just exploring the different types of clothing templates and figuring out what really describes me as a designer. I would recommend this to a friend and I give it four stars.

     --Debbie W. United States Navy


    " Hi my name is Andrea W. My husband ordered Digital Fashion Pro for me, as we want to try and start a small clothing line to see how it goes.  I have been to Fashion School many years ago and have always done my designs (not for the fashion industry, for myself) using pencil, paper colored pencils, rapidographs and so on, as well as using "croquis." 

    I love to tinker with new softwares, but this has "blown me away"!  I starting playing around with the software and templates, right out of the box, just to get a feel for it and I have to say, that it has made my life in designing so much easier and I'm astonished at the different manipulations I can do with a template, the software is very easy to understand and it's truly amazing!  I love it!  I haven't watched the videos completely, but when I get stuck as to how to manipulate a pattern or color or sizing, I then refer to the tutorials and video and it's so easy to find exactly the topic I'm looking for.  

    Thank you Harper Arrington Publishing and to all the people involved in developing this fantastic software!" 

    -- Andrea W., Monroe Township New Jersey

    I found your company by doing a yahoo search for fashion illustration software. I must admit that I am very suspicious of internet companies but when I saw your client list I realized that some of the schools that I had investigated were your clients. I immediately ordered Digital Fashion Pro along with 3 of your text books. I love your books because they give a realistic view of the fashion world. While loading the software I was getting excited because I knew that I now owned software that I had thought I would only be trained to use. I knew for sure that I had made a good purchase when I showed a friend of mine who is a Casting Director here in Hollywood the software and he stood shocked then finally told me that Linda S (one of the hottest celebrity designers in Hollywood used the same software!)...

    -- Lynn Bridges Couture - Los Angeles, CA

     I love Digital Fashion Pro and every day I learn something new. It's funny. I surprise myself at times. Denim Wash Factory was the hardest part at first, now I'm a beast at it! Your products along with other things in my life that has happened makes me go hard at becoming a great fashion designer and pushing my own clothing line...."

    -- Demond Siobon - Yorgea Clothing

    Dear Digital Fashion Pro producer,

    I'm pleased to share the joy with you that my dreams from scratching on papers have finally come to an end! I'm a single mom with a 5 year old boy. I work and I do so many activities with my son. Still I manage to keep up with my dreams of one day becoming a successful Designer. I'm almost getting there because my work has become so much easier through Digital Fashion Pro as I`m now able to let my ideas flow in all the direction and in only a few minutes.

    Thank you again to the producer of Digital Fashion Pro

    God Bless

    -- Tina Wande

    My name is Vida. My clothing line is called VUBG Designs, which I am trying to present in 2008 August MAGIC Show. P.S. I love your software and recommend it any chance I get. You were my life saver and self-esteem. You helped me make my freelance designs a success. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T GO TO THE FASHION SCHOOLS and giving us the same opportunity to be just as good and successful by using your software.   

    -- Vida Craddock - VUBG Designs

     I was very impressed with the amount of templates that came with the system for the price. I found everything I wanted and more!

    -- Keith G., Los Angeles, CA.

    Tax Deductible?

    FYI: Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible as a business expense if you already have a business on record or if you start your fashion business this year! If you don’t have a business or D.B.A. yet  don’t fret - our How to Start a Clothing Line Course will show you exactly how to get things set up! Therefore, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Kick off your fashion career today!


    V8 Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design System Demo Video - How It Works


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