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Digital Fashion Pro - The Most Powerful and Super Easy to Use Fashion Design Software System In The World - Used by Professional Fashion Designers, Clothing Lines, Schools & Beginners

* Are You Looking For An Easy Way to Design Your Own Clothing Line? Digital Fashion Pro Is Your Answer! Turn Your Fashion Ideas Into Reality Today! 

* Easily Create Professional Fashion Sketches & Clothing Designs Right On Your Computer With Digital Fashion Pro! Design Jeans, Dresses, T-shirts, Shoes, Handbags & More Even If You Can't Draw!

Digital Fashion Pro - Fashion Design Software - Official Page for fashion designers

With Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software System You Can Do All of the Following and More:

* Design Your Own Clothing Line 
* Creating Your Fashion Drawings and Illustrations From the Clothing Templates is a Snap
* Design Men's, Women's and Baby Clothing Designs + Handbags & Shoes
* Design T-shirts, Hoodies, Dresses, Jeans, Jackets, Athletic Wear, Couture, Outerwear
* Design Swimwear, Blouses, All the Current Style Trends, Denim Jeans, Yoga Pants
* Hundreds of Templates That Can Be Customized & Modified To Get The Look You Want
* Design Outifts & Pieces + Ability to Put Your Designs On Our Model Templates
* Use Real Digital Fabrics To Show Texture / Give Your Designs a Realistic Look
* Featured Digital Fabrics Include: Denim, Leather, Suede, Cotton, Knit, Prints & Many More!
* You Can Also Import Your Own Fabrics, Patterns, Artwork & Logos
* Design Your Own Hangtags, Labels, Buttons and More
* Ability to Print Your Designs, Save Them, Edit Them, Email Them
* Become A Fashion Designer / Fashion Illustrator / Freelancer
* Option to Create Technical Sketches With the Beyond the Basics Upgrade
* Send Your Clothing Sketches to Clothing Manufacturers To Make Your Designs
* Super Easy Even For Beginners + Drawing Skills Are Not Required
* More Than Just a Software - It is a Fashion Course, Clothing Templates, Fabrics Wrapped In One!
* Includes Step by Step - Easy to Follow Instructions (Video & eGuide)
* Easily Create Your First Design In Minutes!
* Free Technical Support 
* Compatible With Windows PC & Mac OS. Guaranteed to Work!
* Fashion Mogul Package & Style Blast Kit Include How to Start a Line + List of 500 Manufacturing Contacts
+ We are a Trusted Brand. We have been Helping Clothing Lines and Beginners Since 2004

There Is No Better Time Than Now To Get Started - Order Digital Fashion Pro Today!

Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design - Fashion Sketches - Fashion Drawing

What Makes Up The Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software System For Clothing Design? 

Digital Fashion Pro is a complete all-in-one fashion design software system for digital fashion sketching.  It features a basic fashion design course (training), collection of Digital Fashion Pro custom built vector garment templates (front and backs), hangtags, pockets, hardware, models, design techniques, Digital Fashion Pro Digital Fabrics and an independent graphics application provided free of charge that when combined create realistic looking clothing sketches that resemble real life clothing. With the included step by step training via video tutorials and eGuide, you will be able to learn the system with lightning speed. There is no better time to start creating, managing and sharing your clothing collection with the world via designing it with Digital Fashion Pro. Easily create the designs you've only had in your head until now. Digital Fashion Pro helps you become a true fashion designer & artist! Our Fashion Mogul Package Helps You Launch Your Own Clothing Line the Right Way!

Our Basic Version - Vector Models and clothing templates are 2D Flats / T-Shape which is the approved format that manufacturers need to have your sketches in when they are constructing your clothing designs. Manufacturers prefer professional digital clothing sketches over hand sketches to achieve accuracy. Digital Fashion Pro Sketches will help your manufacturer create your prototypes, samples and production. You can also put your logos and artwork on your sketches to show your manufacturer the placement of your artwork etc. While hand sketching can show off the artistic nature of a designer - digital sketching in regards to designing a line and working with manufacturers is about accuracy and literal design. Your designs will be easily understood by manufacturers or retailers. Digital Fashion Pro Sketches will allow those viewing your sketches to say, "I can see exactly how that style is going to look after it is made."

Digital Fashion Pro V8 is SUPER EASY TO USE because we made sure of that! Plus it delivers professional fashion illustrations that are above & beyond industry standards. Digital Fashion Pro turns aspiring fashion designers and beginners into fully confident pros. Digital Fashion Pro brings a simplicity to designing clothing which is one of the best features of the system. It was created with TRUE BEGINNERS in mind that may have never tried drawing clothes or even tried designing clothing on a computer. Professional designers love Digital Fashion Pro because they can create professional digital fashion illustrations to support their clothing lines and design businesses. Beginners Love Digital Fashion Pro because the The Included Training Videos and Clothing Templates Make It Incredibly Simple to Create Professional Fashion Sketches and Design Your Own Clothing Line Right Away Regardless of Your Fashion Background! Designing Clothing has never been easier!

Jeans and Shirts Infographic for DFP

Design Any Type of Clothing Style With Digital Fashion Pro Basic & Upgrades!

While the Basic Edition comes with vast library of Men and Women's Clothing Templates for T-shirts, pants, shorts, polos, tanks, leggings, basic tops, buttons, pockets, hangtags & hardware. The Expanded Library Packages & Upgrades allow you to design additional styles of clothing like Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Shoes, Handbags, Yoga Pants, Trendy Women's Tops, Hats, Swimsuits, Lingerie, Underwear, Bras, Rompers, Sports Tops, Jackets, Vest, Hoodies, Cardigans, Sweaters, Jogging Suits, Costume Designer, Business Attire, Scarves, Eye Wear, Socks, Baby / Children's Clothing and more. You do not have to know how to sew or draw to use Digital Fashion Pro.

Model Templates: Digital Fashion Pro is also the perfect styling tool. After designing your clothing sketches, you can Style Your Designs On Our Included Digital Fashion Pro female and male model templates to create the total look for your styles. This aspect is perfect for fashion styling. Models come in a variety of skin tones, hair style files etc. that you can customize anyway you want. Models come in front and backside view as do the clothing templates. While the Basic Edition Model and clothing is 2D T-Shape. We also offer several other model poses on our optional upgrade libraries such as The Storyboard Creator and Red Carpet Pose eProduct. Those items feature our Runway, Red Carpet and Side Model Poses.

Clothing Styles You Can Create: All in all with Digital Fashion Pro as a complete suite you can design clothing for any fashion market such as Couture, High Fashion, Haute, Avant-Garde, Active Wear, Ready-to-Wear, Sports & Athletic Wear, Outerwear, Urban Wear, Bohemian, Club Wear, Sleepwear, Work Wear, After 7 Attire, Skater Wear, Costumes & More! So stop procrastinating, there is no better time than now to start designing clothes that reflect your style and fashion ideas now. Use Digital Fashion Pro Sketches to Create Your Portfolios, Mood Boards, Lookbooks and More! Creating designer clothing is easy with Digital Fashion Pro. Introduce your fashion style to the world today! See Sketches Enlarged In Our Gallery Here | Watch Digital Fashion Pro Presentation Videos Here | Read Reviews From Our Customers Here

Design Shoes - Dresses - Heels - Hoodies with Digital Fashion Pro

Your Creativity + Digital Fashion Pro = Awesome Results! Go From Aspiring Fashion Designer to Pro!

Your Clothing Line - The Name / Your Designs / The Brand / Getting It Made / In Stores

Creating your own clothing line is exciting! Coming up with a name for it that sounds good to the ear and is marketable is equally thrilling. It brings about a euphoria that is unmatched especially when you take formal steps to begin on the road to introducing your line to the world. The same is true once you begin designing your line. While some hire others to design which can prove expensive - others decide they want to control all aspects of their line. It is possible for you to design your own clothing line and be your own fashion designer with the help of Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software. Plus with our Business Packages and Tools - you will get a detailed, step by step road map into how to create a successful fashion label, get it made and in stores. We know that making the life decision to invest in your own clothing line is life-changing so we strive to make sure our resources and products will significantly aid you in your journey. If you have been letting things like not being able to sew, draw or the fact that you didn't go to fashion school hold you back - erase those distractions now! You still can be successful without any of that by utilizing our arsenal of empowering tools and products! We can help you overcome the obstacles! Bring Your Designs & Clothing Line To Life Today!

Create and design your own fashion brand

20 Awesome Benefits That Our Clients Love About Designing & Creating Their Lines With Digital Fashion Pro!

  • You will be able to create your own professional fashion sketches in minutes
  • Designed to be Super Easy so that even true beginners can learn and use with ease
  • Perfect for Professional Fashion Designers, Aspiring Designers, Clothing Lines & Schools
  • Your designs will be in an industry standard format for manufacturers
  • Fashion Course and Design System wrapped in one
  • Ability to Print Your Fashion Illustrations & Clothing Sketches
  • Use Digital Fabric to make your designs look realistic, see fabric texture or use regular color or even plain black and white
  • Ability to add prints, text, fabrics, slogans, logos, photos, artwork to your designs
  • Hundreds of Digital Fashion Pro Templates that you can be customize and alter
  • E-Training Guide + Design Training Video - featuring step by step instruction
  • Use Included Models to simulate how your designs should fit on a real person
  • You can create hangtags, buttons and labels
  • You do not have to have any prior design or fashion experience or drawing skills
  • Use sketches to create your catalogs, line and technical sheets, portfolios
  • You will be able to Design Your Own Clothing Line or freelance design
  • Showcase your designs to investors, retail buyers and more
  • You Can Design For Men, Women, Kids, Toddlers, Shoes, Handbags etc.
  • Expandable with Optional Upgrades - Which Allows You to Design Almost Any Clothing Style!
  • Very useful vector templates like pockets, zippers and buttons to use in your designs
  • Free Technical Support

M Mendincino - Digital Fashion Pro Client - fashion designer

"I am loving this program and it is quite easy to use. I am thrilled and so excited to have my designs come to life! The information I received from your book "How to start a Clothing Line" proved to be so valuable to me as I was able to save so much time and it really prevented me from making costly mistakes. I am off to Indonesia in November to tour the factory where I will have my clothing made. BRAVO to you guys for making my dreams come true! A fashion designer is born!!!"

- M. Mendicino

Digital Fashion Pro Client

"Was so excited when I received your programmes! As a small fashion business, anything that helps make the process of working from an idea to designing, then producing, makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Your programs are helping me achieve my goals!"

- R. Brunton - Via Our Facebook Page

Digital Fashion Pro Client - Fashion Designer T. Leaks

"Thank you so much for creating the Digital Fashion Pro software! It has been a joy to work with. I wanted to share one of my creations! Many Blessings!!"

- T. Leaks - Via Our Facebook Page

"Investing in Digital Fashion Pro was one of the best things I did. It has exceeded my expectations! I have been able to advance my menswear designs and I am working on my portfolio then I will work on my own line. What I like the most is that I was new to fashion but your software has made me feel like I have been designing for years..."

- Jason Herbert 

How Digital Fashion Pro Can Help You Get Your Clothing Made / Manufacturer-Ready Fashion Sketches / Technical Sketches / Creating a Clothing Line

When it comes to get your clothing professionally made - Digital Fashion Pro is your answer. Digital Fashion Pro can be used to create technical drawings such as the sketch shown below. Technical Sketches along with regular fashion sketches (both created with precision with DF-Pro) are the foundation / first step in getting your clothing line made at a clothing factory. Your regular Fashion Sketch, Technical Fashion Sketch and Specification Sheets are the items needed by your manufacturer or seamstress in order for them to make your clothing. Digital Fashion Pro, Beyond the Basics Upgrade (Spec Sheet & Technical Sketch Training) + Our Fashion Business Center (Spec Sheet Templates) can help you get your clothing designs in the approved manufacturing format. Read article on how to start a clothing line. With our Fashion Mogul Package and Style Blast Edition you can even work towards creating your own professional clothing line. If you need a better understanding of the fashion design process / garment measurements etc. - please read this article: The fashion design process - how to send sketches to manufacturers and get your clothing made. 

Who Uses Digital Fashion Pro - Industry Clients / Schools / Charities We Support 

Digital Fashion Pro is used and can be used by the following: Professional Fashion Designer, Established Clothing Line, Clothing Line Startup, Design Company, Aspiring Fashion Designer, Handbag Designer, Shoe Designer, Dress Designers, T-shirt Designers, Costume Designer, Freelance, Fashion Illustrator, Stylist, Graphic Artist, Colleges, High Schools and true beginners in fashion. Unfortunately we can not name the majority of our Commercial Clients due to our Privacy Policy. A few Digital Fashion Pro Industry Clients include: Christian Audigier / Ed Hardy, Billionaire Mafia, Lana Fuchs Couture, Allay California, Gray Lily, Diva Hot Couture, MM Designs and many more countless designers and companies. However, know with assurance that Digital Fashion Pro and our Fashion Business Products are powering the design process at some of the leading Indie Labels across the world. Many of our education sector clients teach and use DFP in their CTE and FCS Apparel Design Classes. Digital Fashion Pro is currently being used and taught in over 300 high schools and colleges across the United States. StartingAClothingLine.com also supports numerous charities. Visit our About Us Page for more details on our community efforts. 

Buy a Digital Fashion Pro fashion design software Package and Save

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Get Started With Creating Your Own Line Today by Ordering a Digital Fashion Pro Package! 5 Packages to Choose From Below.

Pick a Digital Fashion Pro Package Based On Your Design Interest / Goals / Budget

* Packages bundle our items together to save you money. But you can also purchase items individually or as you go. Note: Digital Fashion Pro V8 is included in all of the below packages. The only difference in packages are the number of upgrade items that are included in each. Choose a package based on what all markets (styles) you want to design for / your goals / your budget. We are based in the USA but we ship to all countries!

Digital Fashion Pro Basic V8 - 1 Item

Design Basic Pants & Tops

Digital Fashion Pro Clothes Designing Software Basic Edition

We guarantee our products works as described!

Designs: Menswear, Women's Wear - Basic Tees, Tops, Pants, Shorts

* Digital Fashion Pro Basic V8 is is delivered on Digital Fashion Pro USB Flash Drive for Windows and Mac Users.
* Unisex: Men and Women Clothing featuring basic fronts and backs of: Pants, Shorts, Tanks, Tees, Polos
* Male and Female Basic T-Shape Model (Arms Out To the Sides) Front & Backview 
* Models come in a variety of skin tones & hair styles
* 105 Digital Fabric Files featuring: Cottons, Velour, Terry Cloth, Nylon, Thermal, Camouflage, Denim, Khaki, and Knits
* Button, Zippers, Hangtags and Pocket Templates
* 60 Minute Training Video / Basic Training Course that take you step by step through designing your first garments
* E-Training Guide features step by step design instruction & screen shots
* Create Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Flare, Regular fit, Bell Bottom, Capris, Low Rise, High Rise!
* Over 200 templates are included
* All Clothing Templates are fully vector so that they are super easy to manipulate and change
* Add Optional Upgrades to increase the amount of styles you can design or choose a higher package below!

On Sale Today Only for $199. Regular Price $399. Order Now!

Digital Fashion Pro

Design Your Clothing Line With: Digital Fashion Pro Business Class - 4 Items

Design Everything In The Basic Version + Dresses, Skirts, Hoodies, Outerwear, Sportswear, Trendy Tops, Button Downs, Swimwear + 1400 Extra Fabric Files + How to Create Technical Sketch Training

4 Items: Basic V8, Style Pack 1, Beyond the Basics, Digital Fabric Library

Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Designing Program Business Class Edition used by clothing lines

Designs: Menswear, Women's Wear, Baby Clothing

* Design Everything in Basic Edition + Dresses, Baby Wear, Kid's Clothing, Trendy Tops, Jackets, Coats, Skirts, Sweaters, Lingerie, Hoodies, Ponchos, Tunics, Blouses and Swimwear. 

+ How to make technical sketches and put them on spec sheets + How to work with logo's and artwork training and more. If you are starting or have your own clothing line - Business Class or higher is recommended.

* Get An Additional 600 Clothing Templates over the Basic Version
* Get 1400 more Digital Fabric Files over the Basic Version including: Leathers, Denims, Silk, Knits, Prints and More.

On Sale Today for $299. Regular Price $750. Order Now To Save!

Digital Fashion Pro

Design Your Clothing Line With: Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition - 6 Items! Design Almost Any Style With This Package

Design Everything In The Business Class Package + Shoes, Sneakers, Heels, Boots, Sandals, Handbags, Denim Jeans With Wash Effects, Hats

6 Items: Basic V8, Style Pack 1, Beyond the Basics, Digital Fabric Library 6 Items: Basic V8, Style Pack 1, Beyond the Basics, Digital Fabric Library, Shoes & Accessories, Denim Wash Factory for denim with wash simulations and treatments.

Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software Industry Edition for use by beginners and clothing line fashion designers

Designs: Menswear, Women's Wear, Baby Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Designer Denim

* Get Everything in the Business Class Edition + Design Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, Sandals, Heels, Handbags, Backpacks, Ties, Denim Jeans with special treatments like abrasions etc. and Accessories.

* Get An Additional 600 Clothing Templates over the Basic Version
* Get 1400 more Digital Fabric Files over the Basic Version
* Get 400 Accessories Templates
* Get Denim Wash and Simulated Treatment Vectors for Denim Designs

On Sale Today Only for $399. Regular Price $1148. Order Now To Save Big!

Digital Fashion Pro

Launch Your Clothing Line From Scratch and Give It the Competitive Edge With Our Fashion Mogul Package - 10 Awesome Items! Everything You Need to Get Your Line Up and Going! This is our #1 package for beginners just starting out who want their own line!

Includes Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Fashion Design Software which allows you to Design Almost Any Style for Any Market Even If You Can't Draw or Have Experience. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Book which will walk you through how to start your own clothing line from scratch as a beginner with a limited budget. The Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook of 500 Global Manufacturers and Factories which includes sample makers, small production run factories and mass production. 

Plus get key information on how to work with manufacturers to get your line made and avoid mistakes. Includes help with marketing your brand and how to get your line in stores. The fast track to starting your own successful clothing line begins with Our Fashion Mogul Package. This package can be used by anyone in the world regardless of skill level. Order It Today so you can officially get started on your line! Make it a reality now - take steps to become a Fashion Mogul!

Design Everything In The Industry Edition + Get Our Starting a Clothing Line Business Kit!

Fashion Mogul Package which includes Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Fashion Design Software

10 Items: Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition (6 Items) + Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line, Fashion Business Center (Spec Sheet Templates and more), Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook featuring 500 Apparel Manufacturers from around the world + Free Retailers List eBook. This package gives you the tools to start your line, design it, get it made and in stores.

This item is one of our most popular packages among people who are starting their own line or they are a new clothing line. It has all of our most important essentials for the business person / designer. You may not know anything about the fashion industry or designing but after getting this package - you will be able to hang with the best of them. This package makes it easy for you to not only find a manufacturer but know how to conduct business with them. This package will have you on your way to creating your own professional clothing line! It is built on Our 14+ Years of Experience in the Fashion Industry. You will learn true insider knowledge that will help you navigate the fashion industry successfully and cut down significantly on the mistakes that most new designers make. You will feel like you have a personal mentor with The Fashion Mogul Package! 

Features & Benefits of The Fashion Mogul Ultimate Fashion Start-Up Kit:

1. You will know how to start your clothing line from scratch or greatly enhance the line that you have already started
2. You will have the tools that you will need in each step of the fashion design process of getting your clothing made
3. You will be able to design Men's and Women's Clothing such as Tees, Jeans, Dresses, Skirts, Swimwear, Shoes, Handbags, Pants, Jogging Suits, Sportswear, Hoodies, Business Attire, Tops, Lingerie, Sweaters and More
4. You will be able to not only find a manufacturer to make your line but how to effectively conduct business with them
5. You will learn how to effectively sell your collections to apparel retailers
6. There are so many benefits of having this package that we can't name them all!

“Arrington and Harper have created a real-world manual to starting a fashion business for any apparel designer. The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line is a comprehensive handbook for fashion entrepreneurs, and having the inside track from two successful designers who started from the ground floor is absolutely inspiring!”

- Julie P. Fashion Design Chair, International Academy of Design and Technology -- MI.

Designs: Menswear, Women's Wear, Baby Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Designer Denim

Items Included in the Fashion Mogul Package:

1. Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software Basic ($199 Value)

2. Style Pack 1 ($199 Value)

3. Beyond the Basics ($199 Value)

4. Digital Fabric Library ($199 Value)

5. Denim Wash Factory ($199 Value)

6. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Line Book ($125 Value)

7. Fashion Business Center ($149 Value)

8. Ultimate List of Clothing Manufacturers 2016 Edition eBook - 500 Manufacturers Worldwide ($125 Value)

9. Retailers List eBook (Free With Package)

10. Shoes and Accessories Upgrade ($199 Value)

* Total Value if you bought every item included in this package on sale today separately: Over $1500. However, you can get it all at one time today in our Fashion Mogul Package during Our Super Sales Event for $475. Over 1/2 Off! Don't miss this incredible deal! Officially kick off your clothing line now.

Special Offer: On Sale Today Only for $475 + Free Shipping!  Piece Price when purchased individually is $1750. Order Now To Save Big!

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Digital Fashion Pro

*  Note: The Retailers List has no monetary value inside of this package - it is free with this package.

"I had my line set up already but I felt like there was so much I didn't know so I bought your Mogul Package. I learned a lot of things I had no idea about. I now have a better understanding of the fashion industry as it relates to running a clothing line."

- Simone Patton

The Style Blast Package - 18 Items!
Design Over 1,000 Styles! 
All Of Our Fashion Design and Business Items In One Package!

Create Your Clothing Designs With Our Full Arsenal of Digital Fashion Pro Upgrades. You Can Design Almost Any Style With This Package! + Get the Tools to Help You Start Your Own Clothing Line. This is the Ultimate Fashion Design Course, Design System and Clothing Line Creator Kit!

Style Blast Package Start a clothing line

This package has the Full Suite of Digital Fashion Pro and Upgrades. That's right! All of the model poses, clothing templates, digital fabrics and more! Plus it has our clothing line business kit. Do it all with this incredible fashion design and fashion business package. Get The Complete Edition of Digital Fashion Pro + All of the Latest Upgrades! + It is ON SALE TODAY!

Get Everything In The Fashion Mogul Package + 8 More Items: Storyboard Creator Upgrade (Features 2 Extra Models - Runway & Side View Pose + Supporting Templates) + Dress 2B Upgrade, Mega Vector Art Pack (200 Art Files to Use In Your Designs) + Digital Prints Pack Fabrics + Red Carpet Pose & Supporting Templates + Women's Heels 2 Upgrade + Style Pack 2 Upgrade (Rompers, Wrap Dresses, Blouses) + Unisex Dress Suit Jackets & Blazer Collection

Regular Price When Each Item is Totaled Separately: $2650

On Sale Today for $750!  + Free Priority Shipping On This Item! Order Now To Save Big!

Digital Fashion Pro

Note: The Retailers List has no monetary value inside of this package - it is free with this package.

Digital Fashion Pro Upgrades - Most Are Included In One Or More Of Our Discount Packages Above That Are On Sale Today!

Notes: Digital Fashion Pro is required to use each Upgrade. Buy them inside of our discount packages that are on sale today to save. 

Note 2: Physical Upgrades will be shipped to you on a Digital Fashion Pro USB Flash Drive providing that Digital Fashion Pro is being ordered at the same time.

Style Pack 1 - Fashion Trends

Style Pack - 5 Libraries in One! Get More Clothing Templates

While Basic V8 comes with tops and bottoms - This upgrade greatly expands the clothing styles you can design! Design many types of clothing with this upgrade.

Style Templates included in this upgrade:

1. Outerwear, Coats, Jackets, Sportswear, Suits, Hoodies

2. Dresses and Skirts

3. Trendy Tops

4. Swimwear and Lingerie

5. Baby and Kid Clothing

Over 600 Clothing Templates Included!

DF-Pro V8 is required to use this upgrade.

Just $125 on Sale Today! Regular Price $199

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Digital Fashion Pro Beyond the Basics, fashion illustration software

2. Beyond the Basics (Unisex)

Take what you learn from the Basic System Training and advance it with this training product. Get extra Digital Fashion Pro training so that you can master some advance techniques. Training is presented in video format.
  • Learn how to create technical sketches with Digital Fashion Pro
  • Learn how to put your designs on a spec sheet
  • Learn how to import your own artwork and place it on a template
  • Advance vector training
  • Tips and Tricks to help you work faster and smarter
  • Watch how a couple of designs come together step by step
  • Creating Transparent Layers of Clothing to create a see through look or sheer look on your designs
  • How to make a button with circle text going around it
  • 60 Minutes of Instruction
  • And more!

If you need a better understanding of the fashion design process / garment measurements etc. - please read this article: the fashion design process - how to send sketches to manufacturers and get your clothing made.

Just $125 On Sale! Regular Price $199

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Digital Fashion Pro Digital Fabric Library for use when creating clothing illustrations and drawing with textures

Digital Fabric Library #1 Upgrade V8 - Over 1400 Fabrics

This could be perhaps the most important upgrade in the Digital Fashion Pro expanded system. It features over 1400 Digital Fabric Files - featuring our new larger format fabrics and trims. While Basic only comes with 105 Digital Fabric Files - this upgrade will add 1400 more to your fabric arsenal! DF-Pro V8 is required to use.

Digital Fabric Requirements to use: Digital Fashion Pro Basic + 4.7 GB if you want to install on your hard drive (optional). 

Featured Digital Fabrics:

Cottons, Velour, Terry Cloth, Satin, Suede, Leather, Animal Prints, Wool, Bridal, Lace, Mesh, Fleece, Premium Denim, Cashmere, Knit, Linen, Rib, Fur, Sequins, Twills, Suit Fabric, Embroidery Material, Khaki, Plaids, Rhinestones, Metal, Chiffon, Tie Dye, Rayon, Camouflage, Thermal and many more!

Most of the included Digital Fabrics come in many popular colors

Many of the included Digital Fabrics can even be used as E-Fabric Swatches

Digital Fabric is one of the cornerstones of the Digital Fashion Pro system. Digital Fabric allows your designs to come to life to let decision makers know exactly what your vision is for your fashion designs. This upgrade puts you on the forefront of realistic digital fashion design.

Just $125 on Sale! Regular Price $199

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Digital Fashion Pro Denim Wash Factory, fashion illustrate your clothing ideas on jeans      Denim Jean Design Software

The Denim Wash Factory - Vector Denim Wash Effects & Training for V8 Basic

Take Your Denim Jean Design Illustrations to the next level with The Denim Wash Factory! Become a Denim Expert!

After visiting various denim wash companies around the world, our team of designers have translated their washing and effect techniques into The Denim Wash Factory. This upgrade will allow you to give your denim clothing sketches the same look as real jeans coming out the Denim Wash Factories around the world. Simulate Abrasions, Sand Blasting, Potassium Wash, Whiskers, Bleach Spots and more.

Plus a 60 Minute Training Video that will teach you step by step how to use these vector effects on your Digital Fashion Pro denim designs. Don't just draw a sketch and tell your manufacturer you want a rip here and a sand blast there. Show them how your jeans should really look with the Denim Wash Factory today! Digital Fashion Pro plus the Denim Wash Factory makes the perfect jean design software.

This is a must have for anyone doing denim! DF-Pro V8 is required to use.

Just $125 on Sale! Regular Price $199

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Shoes and Accessories Designer

Shoes & Accessories Pack 1 - 4 Libraries in One!

This item is for shoe designers and handbag designers. Create fashion illustration sketches of shoes and handbags with this Digital Fashion Pro upgrade. Remember Digital Fashion Pro Basic must be purchased as well to use. If you are looking for a package with it - we recommend Industry Edition or Fashion Mogul Package.

Styles included in this upgrade pack:

1. Shoes: Sneakers, Heels, Boots, Flip Flops & More

2. Hats & Scarves

3. Handbags

4. Eyewear

Over 400 Accessories Templates Included!

DF-Pro V8 is required to use this upgrade.

Buy the Shoes & Accessories Pack 1 Now! Just $125 on Sale Today! Regularly $199.

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Fashion Storyboard Creator

Storyboard Creator Pack 1 - 4 Libraries in One!

Want extra poses? Get 2 extra poses with the Storyboard Creator so you can show side view of your clothing plus runway walk pose. This is the perfect fashion illustration tool allowing you to express your creative vision even more.

Styles included in Storyboard Creator:

1. Runway Female Pose / Variety of Garment Templates

2. Edge of Runway Female Pose / Variety of Garment Templates

3. Fabric House A - 175 Additional Fabrics

4. Storyboard Backgrounds

Features: Models come in different skin colors. Templates include: Pants, Dresses, Skirts, Tops and more! Garment Templates are fully vector so you can customize them, alter them and create any kind of looks you want! To see example sketches - see this product in our store.

Fashion Storyboard Model 1 â€ÃƒÆ’¢€Ãƒâ€¦Ã¢€Å“ Fashion IllustrationFashion Storyboard Model - Side Pose Fashion Illustration

Over 600 Templates Included!

DF-Pro V8 is required to use this upgrade

Just $199 on Sale Today! Regularly $299.

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Digital Fashion Pro Dress Style 2B Pack

Dress 2B Pack Upgrade

Electronic Download Item (Women's Wear)

Features over 25 Women's Dress Style 2B Templates with shadow effects. Create the hottest dress designs with this upgrade. It is still recommended that you purchase the Style Pack 1 upgrade along with this upgrade if you are a dress designer. Creating realistic fashion illustrations is very fun and precise with this awesome upgrade.

On Sale Today for $49

Order It at the Bottom of This Page!

Digital Fashion Pro - Red Carpet Pose Fashion Illustration

Red Carpet Pose Upgrade (Women's Wear)

Female Model and Clothing Templates. Features: 4 Different Skin Colored Red Carpet Pose Models, Pants, Dresses, Tops and more! Garment Templates are fully vector so you can customize them, alter them and create any kind of looks you want! Over 100 Clothing Templates at your fingertips! Illustration hot fashion trends is super easy with this fantastic upgrade.

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Digital Fashion Pro Customer Reviews:

"Happy with the digital pro design. We LOVE LOVE LOVE IT"

- Kiada Design

Vida Craddock - Digital Fashion Pro Client

"I love your software and recommend it any chance I get. You were my life saver and self-esteem. You helped me make my freelance designs a success. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T GO TO THE FASHION SCHOOLS and giving us the same opportunity to be just as good and successful by using your software."

Vida Craddock - Designs by Vida

"I had always wanted to begin my own fashion line since I was 13 but I have to admit I couldn't draw and still can't. That was one of the things holding me back. So when I found your site last year, I immediately had my eyes on one of your packages that helped with starting a line and designing it. I purchased it and I must say, it has not only royally helped me but it has inspired me to pursue my own line. What I love is that I can't draw and it doesn't matter. Digital Fashion Pro is easy to use which is huge benefit especially from a guy who has never did anything like this! People are absolutely loving my designs and I have even started to talk with a couple manufacturers. I had to write in because I really want to say thank you for helping beginners like me live their dreams. You will be hearing of my line and I will send you guys some shirts once their made."

- Chris McKenney

"Digital Fashion Pro templates are really working for me. I like how easy it is to use them as a base to create your own design from them. The training was easy to follow. I created my first sketch the same weekend I installed everything. I was hoping it was as easy as you said and it is."

- Natalie Young.

"I can't believe I waited so long to order. I could have been designing clothing months ago. Nevertheless, I am happy with your program. I really like how I am able to try out different prints and fabrics in my designs to see how they will look. I think that is the one feature I like the most."

- Diana Nishimura

"Got your program for Christmas and I am ecstatic to start working with it! I'm already so impressed with how easy it is to use and I've only just begun!"

R. Weinstein - Via Our Digital Fashion Pro Facebook Page

"I have to admit that there is a certain level of satisfaction and pride now being able to draw my own fashion sketches with Digital Fashion Pro. I was paying this guy to design my line for me but he always got annoyed when I asked him to make changes or wanted to charge me. Then I had to wait on him and it seemed like more and more he was taking his sweet time. I would definitely recommend your product to anyone who wants to start designing clothing. I rather invest in myself than keep giving my money to a guy who became unappreciative. Thanks guys!"

- A. Carter

"Most of the design is done for your since you are starting with a template. I just add my design and tweaks to them and I'm good to go. I created a sick pair of jeans that I can't wait to put out. The denim fabric I used in the sketch made the design really pop. I am loving designing with Digital Fashion Pro. I am glad your rep John recommended I get the Denim Wash Factory Upgrade too since I told him I wanted to design jeans. Much love!"

- Kev Blake - Style Master

"The product is great. I really like it!"

- Matthew Schor

"Thanks for the products as easy as putting on shoes everything is so easy to do"

- Brandon Woods

"I am working on my clothing line now after years of just procrastinating. Your products have been a life-saver. I will keep you guys updated."

- Valerie Harris

"I'm happy with my DFPro it has been a good help. The Fashion Guide is another good source of information, both helping me to achieve my goal in the fashion industry. Thanks"

- Nora Jones

"Love my Digital Fashion Pro software guys!"

- Tasha Franklin shares this via our Facebook.com/DigitalFashionPro Page

"I purchased the business pack from you 3 months ago. I've learned so much already. Prior to buying the Fashion Mogul Package I wanted to start my line but I didn't know how. I had an associate of mine who knew how to draw but he wanted to charge me too much to do my designs. I talked to a few other people and decided it would be best and cheaper if I just learned how to do it myself. That's when I came across your site. Glad I found you. Now I'm really making progress and Digital Fashion Pro has been great to work with. I'm now approaching manufacturers to get my samples made. Thanks guys!"

- Jimmy Larson

"Thank you so much for your assistance. You guys are so great with getting back to your customer in a timely fashion. I really appreciate it. Thanks,"

- Adrienne V.

"What a Site: StartingAClothingLine.com has launched its newest software, Digital Fashion Pro (DFP) Chic, that allows aspiring fashionistas to design their own clothing line... "

Las Vegas Review Journal Style Scoop

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Call us at 888-435-9234. You can also email us at support@startingaclothingline.com.

You can also visit our FAQ / Contact Page For Answers to Most Questions.

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What to Expect Once You Order and Install It?

* All pricing is out the door pricing. There are No Annual Fees. Once you buy our desktop fashion design app - it is yours for life! Plus you don't have to be connected to the internet to use it. 

* Works with Windows and Mac.

1. You order Digital Fashion Pro and optional upgrades. 
2. You receive it.
3. You install it along with the free graphics program that is included on your computer.
4. You follow the included training videos and e-Training Guide which are like a Basic Fashion Design Course.
5. You are now ready to create your first design.
6. You open a template that is close to what you want to design after browsing through hundred's of categorized folders.
7. You begin adding text, artwork, stitch lines and other design elements you learned from the training to the design.
8. You can modify the template any way that you want. Adding things, taking elements away. Example: Change sleeve opening to make it narrow or wide etc.
9. Then add color to design or add included Digital Fabric Textures.
10. Easily experiment with different color and fabric arrangements to create colorways that you like for the style.
11. Save your design.
12. Optional: Style Your Design by see how it will come together on a real person by putting it on our Digital Fashion Pro Models. 
13. Print your design if you like.
14. Start your next design!

Designing with Digital Fashion Pro is that EASY! Order It Today Below!

System Requirements to use Digital Fashion Pro

To use Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software you need any Windows System ( XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 ) with at least 2 GB Ram and 8 free GB of hard disk space. If you have an Apple Computer Mac OS - Requirements are OS 10.7 or Higher. Note: As of 3/29/15 - Windows and Mac Version will both be shipped to you on a Digital Fashion Pro USB Flash Drive. Detailed System Requirements Here.

Note: Digital Fashion Pro V8 is required to use any Digital Fashion Pro Upgrade.


Additional Ordering Information

Important! When ordering from us: Shipping and Billing address must match. Shipping address must be the same as the address on your credit card statement! We also ship to PO Boxes if that is where your credit card bill goes. All orders not meeting these requirements are subject to cancellation. All orders must be signed for at time of arrival or pick up. If you a have an Apple or Mac computer - be sure to visit the System Requirements page before ordering. Orders ship 3 Business Days or less after the day you order. Tracking will be available in your online account once shipped.

Shop With Confidence - All transactions are processed using the highest level of secure sockets layer technology and VeriSign during the online ordering process. Your transaction is 100% Safe and Secure with us. We are a US Company but we ship worldwide. Our Products can be used in any country. Prices and packages subject to change without notice.

Free Technical Support

Free technical support is always available. Please see our Customer Service Page for details. Note that most of our clients never need support because of the very detailed on-board training provided with the program. We made everything super easy to get going! Once you watch the training videos and training guide - you will be designing in minutes! However, technical support is available either way. Even if you just want to drop in and tell us that you are enjoying the program. We would love to hear from you. :)

Tax Deductible?

FYI: Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible as a business expense if you already have a business on record or if you start your fashion business this year! If you don't have a business or D.B.A. yet don't fret - Our How to Start a Clothing Line Course will show you exactly how to get things set up! Therefore, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Kick off your fashion career today!

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