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Start a Clothing in 28 Days

Start a Clothing in 28 Days

You are reading this because you are interested in pursuing a fashion design career and you want to leverage that into starting your own clothing line. Maybe you are wondering just how hard or easy it will be considering you do not have formal training in design or running a fashion label. Truth is – it can be both.  However, if you focus on the important aspects of getting a line going you can greatly increase your chances of not spending a lot of time in the wrong areas. It is advantageous to explore our site as we have a lot of awesome information that can help you. But for now, let's talk about how you can start a clothing line in 28 days or less.

Normally in an article such as this the author would lay out what you will do each day as you move towards launching your own label. I am not going to that in this particular piece because you can read many of my other post that will give you the play by play of putting your line together. In this piece, I am going to focus on the one key tool that can you go from beginner to pro level designer and line in 28 days. Keep reading.

I was actually including today in the equation so now you are going to be starting your line in 27 days. Okay, enough of the day stuff. Back to the pertinent details that can help you become a brand. That is your goal correct? You want to be a recognized brand whether you want to remain indie or become a global fashion house. Are you up to taking on the challenge? Is being in the fashion industry your passion? Are you willing to work hard to make it happen?

Explore how we can help you with your clothing line

You are still reading so I assume your mind is made up. Fantastic so you may be saying – “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t know how to sketch my clothing designs.” “I don’t know how to contact a manufacturer and what they will need from me to make my line.” “How do I get my clothing line in stores once it is made?” “How do I market my clothing line?” “I’ve never done anything like this but I want to feel confident.” Don’t worry – many of today’s successful business owners had these same thoughts but they found ways to overcome them. We will help you rise above them as well. In fact, there are many now successful designers that didn't have a fashion background before launching their own lines. Even if you can't draw like some of the ordinary people turned designers on that list you can use programs like Digital Fashion Pro to create your fashion sketches.

Now how do you overcome these obstacles in 28 days? Oh wait, 27 days. The answer is simple. Drums Please! The BIG REVEAL: THE CLOTHING LINE CREATOR PACKAGE. Yes. The Clothing Line Creator Package. You may be wondering what is the Clothing Line Creator Package. Well it is one of our most awesome design and business kits we offer for clothing line startups. It has everything you need in it to be able to design your clothing, create tech packs, business guide to how to set up your clothing line, get it made and in stores. This is a one stop solution that will clearly walk you step by step through designing and starting your fashion label. Plus you can design almost any type of clothing, shoes or handbags with the included Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Software that comes inside the kit.

So Are You Excited? You have just found an awesome yet totally cool resource to help you unlock the fashion industry so that you can create a totally fab clothing line. Yes it is as simple as that!

In 28 days of receiving the Clothing Line Creator Package and utilizing the materials you will be ready to formally start your clothing line. I am not talking about just creating a legal business entity – I am talking about you will be ready to design your collection on your own and get things going on a pro-level. No gimmicks! It comes with 10 items that will have you well on your way into the fashion industry with confidence. 

Get this fashion design business pack Now and Have Your Line Fully Started in 28 Days! Learn More About the Clothing Line Creator Edition Here.

The Clothing Line Creator Package can help you start up a fashion label

how to design clothing in 28 days

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Article by Michael Harper, Co-Founder of StartingAClothingLine.com, Co-Author of “The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line,” and 12 Steps to Starting a Clothing Line.

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