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5 Free Design Programs to Boost Your Online Fashion Business

Posted by SCL Team on 5/11/2015 to Fashion Design
Do you have aspirations of becoming the next Versace? Or, sharing the runway with Vera Wang?

Becoming a fashion powerhouse does not happen overnight. Prior to designer garments plastering the pages of fashion magazines, they must first be birthed from the creative mind of the designer. Traditionally this meant that conceptualized designs must first have been carefully rendered onto paper prior to being manufactured.

Modern fashion designers, fledgling or well-established, can now reap the benefits of digital design software that will not only help them bring their ideas to life much sooner, but also allow them to see firsthand things like color variations and attractive visual aspects.

The Top 5 of Some of the Best Fashion Design Software Choices that Are Affordable Online: 

  • 1. Digital Fashion Pro: Provide aspiring designers with business courses, fashion designer software, and clothing manufacturers lists so they can start designing and make their own fashionable clothing line. They also offer a wide array of fashion tools with a step by step guide for beginners. With their digital fashion tools and books you will have some of the best tools available to successfully launch your very own clothing line. The fashion software is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • 2. Optitex: This versatile and highly reliable fashion design application was created by one of the chief innovators in CAD CAM technology. Optitex puts virtual garment draping at your fingertips, allowing you to artistically mimic the entire runway experience.
  • 3. Fashion Toolbox: For aspiring designers with dreams of runways and catwalks, Fashion Toolbox offers feature rich storyboard samples, training videos and everything required to design clothing of all types.
  • 4. Fashion Start App: A feature-rich, free application engineered for use on Android and Mac, this intuitive software provides everything needed to assist in the launch of a clothing line by giving users everything they need to ‘start it’, ‘design it’, and ‘make it.’ As an added bonus, users also gain access to an online community of designers allowing them to gain valuable advice, share ideas and much more.
  • 5. Etelestia: Etelestia is changing the face of online fashion design by giving designers the tools they need to perform their craft. Serving as an all-in-one application and programmed on a CAD backbone, this software assists in pattern cutting, pattern grading, the complete design process and more.
Thanks to the assistance of the right design software, creating a portfolio that is polished, well put-together and rivals some of the most affluent names in fashion just got a whole lot easier.

- Written by The SCL Team

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Date 6/17/2015
Jennifer Wallace
I have several ideas and I see that this can help me get the designs created but are you able to also help connect us to manufactures?
Date 6/18/2015
SCL Staff
Hi Jennifer Yes our clothing design software Digital Fashion Pro can definitely help you get your designs created. You can use our Ultimate Fashion Contact List of Clothing Manufacturers for factories to reach out to that can make your clothing.

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