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9z9- Approach to Specification Writing - Book
9z9- Approach to Specification Writing - Book

9z9- Approach to Specification Writing - Book

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Approach to Specification Writing - Book

This book demonstrates the use of computer–aided design to create clearly detailed technical information for factories through the stages of design, development and manufacture, using graphic illustration wherever possible. It works hand in hand with the Spec Book, Our Fashion Business Center CD and Digital Fashion Pro. Note: This book is not a substitute for any of these products. They all are recommended.

The specification is a critical document to be shared by all involved in the buying, selling, design and manufacture of the product. A style can be amended many times before the start of production, and specifications created by CAD can be quickly amended in minutes and circulated to everyone involved.

The book takes the reader through a variety of specifications step by step and explains the reasoning behind creating each page; a complete detailed specification may have up to 20 pages depending on the style and construction detail. This book is a practical, hands-on approach to the subject written with many years experience in the industry. The message is that good graphics is an international language, which helps to avoid misunderstandings; details that are in text can be lost in translation.

A recent quote from a source in China states that the most common issue between buyers and suppliers is the lack of communication and unclear specifications for products that leads to mistakes and that Quality Control is your most effective tool to getting the correct product when your specifications/expectations are clear.

This book is a definitive approach to specification writing for the clothing and related industries, demonstrating the advantages of using CAD.

This book will help those working in the industry and students starting textile courses to view specifications as an integral part of product development, quality assurance and manufacturing.

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