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About StartingAClothingLine.com - Founded In 2004

StartingAClothingLine.com / DigitalFashionPro.com are based in the state of Michigan, USA. Our website provides resources that transform the fashion industry into an accessible business endeavor for new and established fashion designers alike. StartingAClothingLine.com is the leading online retailer of educational books and software that take fashion designs from the creative corners of the mind and make it possible to introduce them to the world. Our product line up and articles cover everything from design, financial strategies, manufacturing approaches and retailer relations. We created Our Website and resources were created to help professionals fashion designers, aspiring fashion designers and beginners get the tools and information needed to create successful clothing lines. We work with clothing line startups worldwide. StartingAClothingLine.com operates in the education/ tech/ fashion sector. StartingaClothingLine.com / DigitalFashionPro.com has clients in over 75 countries.

The History of StartingAClothingLine.com / Digital Fashion Pro 

Over 17 years ago in 2004, StartingAClothingLine.com founders, Jay and Michael, designed their unique fashion business products after realizing that a simple lack of know-how could prevent the most talented and hardworking individuals from pursuing or establishing careers within the fashion industry. They teamed up together, using their professional knowledge of starting a global fashion brand and design, to create a cohesive and fluid program to empower aspiring fashion entrepreneurs. StartingAClothingLine.com was one of the first companies solely devoted to helping clothing line startups.

In 2006, we published our "The Little Entrepreneur" books. This children's book series is designed to inspire young minds and get them to thinking about starting their own businesses. Digital Fashion Pro was introduced to the world in 2006. Digital Fashion Pro was created to give professionals and beginners and easy yet professional way to create their own fashion sketches and clothing designs. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line first edition was published in November 2004. All of our products have been geared towards empowering people. We are true believers in the human spirit to go after your dreams in life.

StartingAClothingLine.com Mission Statement:

The mission of StartingAClothingline.com is to empower individuals interested in getting into the fashion industry by providing them with our unique educational tools and resources that will allow them to design & create their own clothing lines successfully regardless of their background.

Company Values:

Corporate social responsibility
Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company
Honesty & integrity
Sincerely want to provide clients with products and resources that will empower them to achieve their dreams
Continuous improvement of our products and the way we do business

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is at the heart of our business here at StartingAClothingLine.com / DigitalFashionPro.com. As a global business, our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world -- both in the marketplace and in the workplace -- is critical to our long-term sustainability. People and values are our greatest assets. We know that every product and service is powered by people. We recognize that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our work environments. We are committed to creating an environment where all employees are included, are treated with dignity and respect and are in a position to contribute to our future success. We are fully aware that diversity breeds innovation and it is our mission here to foster that inspiration. It allows us to continue to improve our products that change lives. It is a privilege that we hold dear.

Community Impact - Charities We Support

Startingaclothingline.com Supporting Dress for Success LA

Yo Art Ink designing clothing with Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software

We are always looking for ways we can have an impact in communities especially with charities that cater to young people. It has been our pleasure to work with many charities over the years throughout the United States. Many of these charities run computer labs that wanted to install Digital Fashion Pro so that the community they serve would have an opportunity to learn fashion design.

Here are some of charities we have worked with:

Dress For Success LA
Urban Future
The Studio Place
Sew Creative Preparatory, INC
Joy Of life
YouthVille Detroit
The Children's Gallery and Arts Center, Inc.
Fashion Arts & Youth Enterprises Inc
After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles
Urban Youth Impact
CSM Foundation / Kids College of Southern Maryland
Prince George's Department of Parks and Recreation
Sisters of The Good Shepherd - Collier Services
Fashion Group International
United States Conference of Bishops
Adult Life Training, Inc.
America’s Youth Inc.
Connecting For Good
Yo Art Inc.
Kaleidoscope Youth Center

If you are a 501C3 and you want to work with us - just let us know. Contact us today 888-435-9234!

What Our Longevity Means To Us And Hopefully To You

We have been in business since 2004 with the same URL. This is not only important because it shows our staying power but also because it gives us credibility. We are not some pop up website - churn and burn then start a new website under a new name. We have provided excellent quality tools and customer service since the birth of StartingAClothingLine.com under one name. We have built a highly recognized name in fashion and established brand equity. We would like to thank our clients for supporting us over the years. Special thanks to letting us help you reach for your dreams.

What our longevity means to you as a consumer is that now you know that you are working with a company that has been around for years and will be around for years to come. Your business is safe with us. You can shop our site with confidence. You will receive exactly what is described on our website when you order from us. You will always be able to create your designs with Digital Fashion Pro because you are not relying upon web technology or for a company to stay in business. Digital Fashion Pro is a safe investment with tremendous results. 

2004 StartingAClothingLine.com References - From the Wayback Machine
- Go Back in time and see how our website looked when we started. We have came a long way since then. Thank God!