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Brother Loves Fashion Sweepstakes

Posted by Administrator on 7/9/2015
Brother Loves Fashion Sweepstakes
Calling All Fashion Designers!

According to the press release today on Businesswire.com by Brother International Corporation today is the "official launch of the Brother Loves Fashion Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes, which runs through August 9th, encourages aspiring fashion designers across the United States to upload a sketch of their dream design, along with a brief description, including the hashtag #SewYourDreams." This is in conjunction with their partnership with the hit television show Project Runway, a fashion designer contest  which airs on the Lifetime Network. 

The contest winner will get the chance to bring their fashion design to life in New York City during this year's fashion week. That is right - you will win a trip to New York during Fashion Week 2015 this September. Project Runway Fashion Designers, Anthony Ryan Auld and Joshua McKinley will go fabric shopping with you at Mood then sew your design to make it a reality. This is a very cool contest. You can visit Brother International Corporate Website for contest details, rules etc. For all of our Digital Fashion Pro clients - be sure to enter your Digital Fashion Pro Sketches in this fantastic contest. We hope one of our clients will win!  If you don't have Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software - today is a good time to order it so you can begin designing clothing sketches even if you can't draw.

Note: You do not have to use or have Digital Fashion Pro to enter the contest. We are not directly involved in the contest. We are only spreading the word about the contest.  Visit the Brother website for official rules, terms and to enter.

Good luck and spread the word - because your fashion designs must be entered into the contest by August 9th, 2015! Enter ASAP!

Enter Brother's Fashion Design Contest

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Comments On This Story

Date 7/9/2015
Whitney Evenchik
Hi there, I am looking to start a college fashion line. The design I'm submitting is not for that line it was something I just created on the side. I am member of the Phoenix Suns Charities, and I was just playing with the logo, on a more artistic and creative level. This would be a silk dress long sleeve. I am also looking to work in a functional wear type of garments, Sometimes carrying a purse can be problematic so working in a peek a boo pocket in the dress to hold cash and ID' at sporting events. I am one of those gals always looking classy even when rooting for your favorite team. The line would not be just geared for sporting events, it could be everyday wear and even can be worn on a professional level too. I look forward to your response on my new venture. Thank you for this opportunity. Sincerely, Whitney Evenchik <br> =============================================== <br> Hi Whitney, Sounds like you have some fab ideas. Make sure you enter the contest! Good Luck! - StartingAClothingLine.com
Date 7/9/2015
Good Taste Art
Nice of you to bring this to our attention. They will even do the sewing! <br> ========================================================= <br> Hi Good Taste Art, No problem. Glad you will be entering! - Startingaclothingline.com
Date 7/10/2015
Hi there, This is a dream come true kind of opportunity. I would love to submit some of my work, however, I live outside of the USA in South Africa. Can I still take part or is this strictly for aspiring designer residing in the USA. Regards Charlene McKay <br> ======================================================== <br> Hi Charlene, <br> You will have to visit the Official Contest page for whether or not fashion designers and aspiring fashion designers outside of the United States can enter. Best of luck to you. :) <br> - The StartingAClothingLine.com Team
Date 7/10/2015
Yolanda Jones
Greetings... I am ecstatic to hear about the Brother Love Fashion Sweepstakes!! As an aspiring Fashion designer and a fan of Project Runway it has been my dream to attend Fashion week and someday have my very own design grace the catwalk of NY Fashion week. I have always had a love of fashion and bringing my own unique flair, style, & creativity to my wardrobe and of that others. I will definitely be submitting my design into your Sweepstakes... Thank you so much for the opportunity to make my dream come true!! I am sooo excited about this, I wish I could hug you right now!!! Best regards, Yolanda Jones (Glam) <br> ================================================================ <br> Hello Yolanda, <br> We are fans of Project Runway as well :) It is wonderful that Brother International is doing this sweepstake. It gives aspiring designers like you the opportunity to get exposure and really see how it feels to have your fashion designs come to life. Unfortunately we are not affiliated with the contest - we are only helping to get the word out. :) <br> - The StartingAClothingLine.com Team
Date 7/10/2015
Is there a limit on sketches we can enter? <br> Hi Dawn, <br> You will have to visit the Official Brother Inc. Contest page to see how many fashion designer can one designer enter. Best of luck to you. :) <br> <br> - The StartingAClothingLine.com Team
Date 7/13/2015
April Mckinney
Thanks for this opportunity, I live in a small town called Blytheville in Arkansas so it is hard to be notice for fashion design. I've been sketching clothing for a long time and have put together a couple of pieces already. Although I have sketching and I can draw, I can't afford the Digital Fashion Pro at the moment so can I submit my sketches?

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