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Business Services - Turn Existing Logo Into SVG Vector
Business Services - Turn Existing Logo Into SVG Vector

Business Services - Turn Existing Logo Into SVG Vector

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Turn Your Existing Logo into an SVG for use / manipulation within Digital Fashion Pro and Templates. You will also be able to turn your logo into various, colors, add textures or blow it up as large as you want at any DPI once this service is complete.

Instructions - Before ordering - email your logo to [email protected] for us to make an assessment. If your logo is not overly complex - then you will just pay the one quantity price. If your logo is complex - you will be billed quantity x 2.

Services Under This Item:

Creative Counseling
Help you create your collection for the season through design & advice
Help you communicate with manufacturers / negotiate small production runs etc.
Help you evaluate manufacturers based on your needs
Help you evaluate your clothing samples / quality measurements
Help you develop pricing for your clothing - wholesale and retail
Help you sell your line to retailers / help you keep your line in stores
Advise you on business matters
Help you get ready for tradeshows
Advise you on E-commerce
Advise you on social media marketing plan
Advise you on marketing your line / branding
Help you obtain a trademark
Help you set up advertising with magazines to get you the best rates:

We can also assist with the following:

Vision for your clothing line

Mission Statement of your clothing line

Objectives and Goals of your clothing line

Key Competitors of your clothing line

Market Assessment for your clothing line

Terms and Conditions of Gold Membership @ Harper Arrington Publishing LLC.
We want to thank you for hiring us to assist you with your clothing line. It will be our pleasure to assist you in the areas specified in our contract with you. All services will be delivered in the time frame specified. Consultation services will be scheduled between all parties. Method of communication will be specified before each planned meeting / conference call. In the event that either party needs to reschedule - a notice of rescheduling should be sent via Email to the other party.

Harper Arrington Publishing LLC, all subsidiaries and company representatives cannot be held legally liable for any advice given. Acting or not acting on any given advice / consultation given whether written or verbal, is 100% at your discretion. Harper Arrington Publishing L.L.C. cannot be held liable for any results of those actions.

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