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SCL Interview with Fashion Label Ushiwear

Posted by SCL Team on 12/7/2015 to Clothing Line News & Features
SCL Interview with Fashion Label Ushiwear

StartingAClothingLine.com (SCL) recently interviewed Jilly the founder and owner of USHIWEAR. We loved what they were doing and had named her line one of the Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels in the World. Here is that interview:

How did you come up with the name Ushiwear? Were you excited when it hit you?

Well my surname – Kapusi is pronounced Kap-ushi. With a close friend and after playing around with lots of names for the brand we came up with Ushi. In 2009 we found out it meant Ox in Japanese, so the bulls head idea for our logo was born. Then later whilst visiting ‘Grand Designs Show’ in London we found an ancient relic which was a Shamans headdress, this was the missing link and suddenly the look of for the brand all feel into place. It was a very emotional moment and it meant even more when we found out it was year of the Ox in 2009 when we bought the headdress. All very much meant to be as my birth sign in Taurus the bull.

Sik Silk, Streetwear with Celebrity Style

Posted by Guest Blogger - Eloise Rolfe of Beauty & Ruin on 11/1/2015 to Clothing Line News & Features

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this brand I want to introduce to you, Sik Silk.

Judging by the mass of A-list celebrities rocking this label, and the fact that urban, street apparel is worn globally I doubt this is the first you’ve heard of this brand, however I wanted to write this in recognition of how awesome their clothing really is.

Founded by a humble trio from Scarborough, I doubt the three really understood what they were on to. Inspired by Old school sportswear and the lack of American apparel available in the UK they spotted a gap in the market.