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xBServ - Consulting Option 3 - 10 Hours of Consulting Time
xBServ - Consulting Option 3 - 10 Hours of Consulting Time

xBServ - Consulting Option 3 - 10 Hours of Consulting Time

On Sale Today For:$1,000.00
Part Number:273-2-2
StartingAClothingLine.com Direct Consulting Option 3:

Full Consulting Package $1000. Get 10 Hours of Consulting that you can spread across 1 year. Consulting Includes Talking Via Phone and Any Research Time. + 3 Emails where you can get up to 3 questions answered. This package is great as it can cover us directly walking you through starting your line, getting it made and working with retailers. It will kind of feel like we are a member of your line's board - helping you make critical decisions and being an extra vote or opinion on various items related to running a clothing line. Once purchased - this package must be used and completed within 1 year of purchase. You can also use your some of your hours towards Advance Fashion Design Training if you are a Digital Fashion Pro Client.

Note: Research Time = Time we spend researching additional solutions that can help you with one of your issues. We will not do any research on your behalf without us advising you first and getting your approval.

Possible Things To Be Consulted On:

Your designs such as: how to create them, technical sketches, pattern-making, manufacturing, picking what styles to use in your collection, helping you pick the right labels and branding, spec sheets, line sheets, pricing your styles etc. 

Business items such as: Starting up, budgeting, evaluating a manufacturer, marketing, trademarks, working with retailers, creating your website, etc.

Areas of Consultation but not limited to the following:

Creative Counseling
Help you create your collection for the season through design & advice
Help you communicate with manufacturers / negotiate small production runs etc.
Help you evaluate manufacturers based on your needs
Help you evaluate your clothing samples / quality measurements
Help you develop pricing for your clothing - wholesale and retail
Help you sell your line to retailers / help you keep your line in stores
Advise you on business matters
Help you get ready for tradeshows
Advise you on E-commerce
Advise you on social media marketing plan
Advise you on marketing your line / branding
Help you obtain a trademark
Help you set up advertising with magazines to get you the best rates

We can also assist with the following:

Vision for your clothing line
Mission Statement of your clothing line
Objectives and Goals of your clothing line
Key Competitors of your clothing line
Market Assessment for your clothing line

Terms and Conditions of Harper Arrington Publishing LLC Consulting Services:

We want to thank you for hiring us to assist you with your clothing line. It will be our pleasure to assist you in the areas specified in our contract with you. All services will be delivered in the time frame specified. Consultation services will be scheduled between all parties. Method of communication will be specified before each planned meeting / conference call. In the event that either party needs to reschedule - a notice of rescheduling should be sent via Email to the other party.

Harper Arrington Publishing LLC, all subsidiaries and company representatives cannot be held legally liable for any advice given. Acting or not acting on any given advice / consultation given whether written or verbal, is 100% at your discretion. Harper Arrington Publishing L.L.C. cannot be held liable for any results of those actions.

Consulting must be prepaid
No refunds once purchase is made
No refunds or credit on hours not used
Options must be used within the allotted time as set forth above
You agree and will be govern by our regular StartingAClothingLine.com Terms and Conditions

What Happens After You Order Consulting Services

You will receive an email from us within 1 business day requesting when you would like to receive your first hour of consultation and what is the first area that you want to address. We will then work together to schedule what is the best time for the 1st consultation to take place. 

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