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Design Your Own T-shirt

Posted by Administrator on 2/24/2013 to How To Start a Clothing Line Blog

Design Your Own T-shirt

Design Your Own T-shirts

With Digital Fashion Pro Software, you can design your own line of T-shirts whether they are sporty as the design featured on this page or trendy. Designing with Digital Fashion Pro is always fun and exciting with endless possibilities. This design features grey jersey cotton. Design features number applique along with embroidered patches. 

Looking at the sketch you can visualize exactly how this design will look in real life. It just about looks real right? Digital Fabric is an important aspect of Digital Fashion Pro Design. It allows users to create with realistic fabric textures. Judge it for yourself below. With this particular design, designer Michael Harper used a contrast of Digital Fabric and regular computer color to give it a vibrant aesthetic. Digital Fashion Pro also allows you to easily experiment with various colorways as shown in the two sketches below. This is the type of fashion sketch you can put inside of a catalog and actual be able to sell this style to boutique owners. They will know exactly what your final product is going to look like. This is the true beauty of using Digital Fashion Pro. Order your copy today so you can begin designing your own line!

Design Your Own T-shirt

Design custom t-shirt

Design Your Own Clothing Collections or Line with Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software. Order Digital Fashion Pro Today and begin creating your own designs!

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Date 2/24/2013
cool tee.
Date 2/24/2013
Jennifer L.
my guy best friend is a designer. I told him about your site. He has been doing designs by hand. I think he will like softwear. He designs t-shirts too.
Date 3/5/2013
denise Theos
Date 3/17/2013
I am hoping too have my own clothes lines soon,and your site is of good help.THANK.
Date 9/4/2013
Hi all, if you want to design your own clothing online just visit http://www.absolutescreenprinting.com/

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