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Downton Abbey and ABC's Revenge Clothing Lines

Posted by Michael Harper on 7/6/2013

Hit TV Shows - Downton Abbey and Revenge New Clothing Lines - What do you think?

If you have been following the world of fashion then you probably have heard that PBS’s Downton Abbey Clothing Line is in the works.  Fans of the show have been very excited as seen on Twitter since the announcement.  Now there is another TV show entering this arena. ABC just announced that its hit show Revenge will also launch a Clothing Line. Having watched Revenge, the dresses are always chic. Downton Abbey fashions are remarkable period pieces. Costume designer Jill Ohannesson who is responsible for designing the wonderful fashion designs featured on Revenge stated that the collection will start off as a dress line. This is very fitting being that Victoria always looks amazing in every dress she wears. I truly expect the dress line to be a success because Jill is designer that knows her craft. 

Downton Abbey Clothing

The costume designer of 25 years, Susannah Buxton designs the Downton Abbey fashions featured on the show. Susannah and Jill demonstrate how designing great looking clothing can lead to bigger things even leading down unintended roads. Their fashions have inspired the general public to want to wear their clothing. As a fashion designer it is always wonderful when the public demands your collection. ABC and PBS have received many emails with fans asking about the fashion collections featured on the two shows. It is great that these clothing lines will soon make it to retail for all.

Jill Ohannesson-designer

Susannah Buxton designer

Between the Downton Abbey Clothing Line and ABC's the Revenge Clothing Line, which collection do you think will do the best?
Downton Abbey
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Story Posted by John Thomas

Comments On This Story

Date 7/17/2013
Jennifer 'Lil Jennie"
I am a huge fan of Revenge. I've adored their looks since I first started watching the show in Season 1. This is good news to me. I don't watch Downton so I can't really say which will be better but for now I'm going with Revenge.
Date 7/19/2013
Downton Abbey is hot. I like period pieces with a modern twist. Can't wait to see their line in the stores.
Date 7/31/2013
Beverly G.
Revenge rocks. I want to own some of their clothing line when it becomes available. i hope the prices are decent.

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