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Fashion Designer Games For Girls and Boys

Playing fashion games has always been the game of choice for many young girls and teenagers. Many girls fashion games included dressing their barbies and other dolls to making clothing for their dolls. Then there were the games that were solely for fashion that you could play online or buy from stores. With the explosion of mobile came fashion apps that girls can now play on their cell phones like Barbie Fashion Designer from Mattel which is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play along with thousands of others. 

Fashion games and fashion apps are extremely popular today. What all of these fashion games do is give young people the chance to express their creativity through fashion. In all fairness, there are a lot of young boys who are now interested in fashion without regard to sexual orientation. Many of the free fashion apps and paid ones have been downloaded millions of times. They cover all aspects of fashion from designing, styling, beauty, hair and shopping. It is awesome that so many young people are interested in fashion. Expressing yourself through fashion is a very rewarding feeling. 

For some young people, downloading and playing fashion design games will create a deep loving affair with fashion in which could lead to them wanting to enter the fashion industry professionally. This is why so many young girls, teenagers and boys have discovered Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software.

Fashion Design Games That Make Fashion Sketches

Digital Fashion Pro is not a mobile phone app but it is a software that allows users to design their own clothing right on their computer. Digital Fashion Pro creates professional fashion sketches that allows people to really be creative without limitations. With many fashion game apps users can just put together outfits and designs that are already present in the game. With Digital Fashion Pro, users can create and design anyway they want even if they can't draw. 

Digital Fashion Pro is not a fashion game in the traditional sense but it is fun like a fashion game because of how much you can do with it. In fact, Digital Fashion Pro is used in many high schools and colleges along with some middle schools. Digital Fashion Pro is also used by professional fashion designers and clothing lines. So you may be wondering if a lot of people in the fashion industry is using the software, how can it also be used by young girls and teens. The answer may surprise you. Digital Fashion Pro outputs professional clothing designs but the process to do it is made easy through how the software is presented. The step by step video training and e-training guide that comes with it allows users as young as 11 to be able to work the software effortlessly. 

Digital Fashion Pro is really easy to use. The way that the software comes with vector clothing templates, fashion models and fabrics where users can match fashion styles up and then add their design to it or customize it almost feels like Digital Fashion Pro is a fashion design games. The expanded system with upgrades allows users to design jeans, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, coats, sweaters, handbags, hats, shoes, boots, heels, sneakers, tops, baby clothing and more. Digital Fashion Pro was made for true beginners all the way up to professionals. That is really the best part of the program.

I predict fashion games will just become more popular as more people have access to smart phones and computers are really cheap now. Just going on Twitter, one can see how many kids are interested in fashion. Here is a list of 6 popular fashion designer games,fashion apps and fashion software to check out. While Digital Fashion Pro is not free, it will not cost you more than a iPad. In fact, Digital Fashion Pro is a very cool investment for the parent that wants to help their child really get into the fashion industry as a fashion designer.

Here is cool list of 6 popular fashion design games and fashion apps:

1. Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software App by StartingAClothingLine.com (Not free)  - See It Here.

2. Barbie Fashion Design Maker by Mattel (free) - See It Here.

3. Fashion Style by Star Girl Games Trivia (free) - See It Here.

4. Design It! Fashion & Makeover by TabTale (free) - See It Here.

5. Being Fashion Designer Games by Wonder Days (free) - See It Here.

6. KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD by Glu (free) - See It Here.

Article by Michael Harper - Co-Founder of StartingAClothingLine.com