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Fashion Industry Resources

Fashion Industry Resources for Clothing Designers

Let the resources on this page help you launch
your clothing line and more!

Many people dream of owning their own clothing line. It takes passion, skill, creativity and the knowledge. Here at StartingAClothingLine.com we try to encourage people who believe fashion is their calling. We provide fashion design software and related fashion business products to help aspiring designers achieve their vision. 

On this page and this site in general you will find fashion design software, spec sheet programs, official guide book to starting a clothing line, manufacturing contacts and more. We have everything you need here to get you up and going in the fashion world. See all the packages below and if you need help on deciding what are the best options for you - see this guide.

Tax Deductible?

FYI: Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible as a business expense if you already have a business on record or if you start your fashion business this year! If you don’t have a business or D.B.A. yet  don’t fret - our How to Start a Clothing Line Course will show you exactly how to get things set up! Therefore, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Kick off your fashion career today!


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