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How To Design Clothing in 12 Steps

Designing Your Own Clothes - How To Guide

How to Design Your Own Clothes in 12 Steps

Below are the 12 steps to how to design your own clothes or even a full clothing line with Digital Fashion Pro. You can start designing clothing even if you can't draw or have went to fashion school. With Digital Fashion Pro Software you can start creating your own professional fashion sketches, clothing designs and more in minutes. Sounds good so far? Continue reading our 12 steps to designing clothing.

1. First you get Digital Fashion Pro here from our online store. (We ship it to you)

2. You install it on your computer.

3. Launch the On-CD training that comes on the disc and watch the training videos.

4. Follow the step by step guide to designing your own clothes E-training guide.

5. Decide what particular style of clothing you want to design.

6. Browse through the Digital Fashion Pro clothing templates folder that could possibly have the style you are looking for or a style close to it.

7. Open the clothing template which comes in vector form.

8. Use the program tools to begin designing, manipulating (altering) on the template.

9. Use the text tool to add text if your clothing design if it includes text.

10. Import your own artwork to put on the template if that is your desire. You can also import or open artwork from the Digital Fashion Pro Mega Vector Art Pack (Sold Separately)

11. Add color or browse through the Digital Fashion Pro Digital Fabric Library for digital fabrics to use in your design. Using real digital fabric gives your clothing designs a realistic look because you can see the texture in many cases.

12. Save your design. Design your next piece of clothing. 

Optional Steps to Designing Your Own Clothes

Some of the optional steps below pertain to how to design your own clothing as it relates to if you are designing clothes for your own clothing line. Options below are things you will need to do when fashion designing with business implications for your clothing designs.

1. Open up one of the included vector human models that go with the clothing template.

2. Copy your design and paste it onto the model to see how design will look on a person.

3: Save your new model with the design on it as a different file name.

4: Print your design on paper or export it as a PNG file.

5. Create a technical sketch using your original design. Learn how to do this from watching Beyond the Basics Training CD.

6 Save your technical sketch file / print it / export it as a PNG file.

7. Create a collection. Create multiple sketches that will represent your collection for any given season.

8. Create a look-book, catalog or portfolio of your clothing designs.

9. Create a garment spec sheet (Fashion Business Center) so that you can prepare your designs to send to clothing manufacturers. While you don't have to get the Fashion Business Center with Digital Fashion Pro, it is a recommended item if you are starting a clothing line along with The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line and our Ultimate Fashion Contact List E-book featuring over 400 clothing manufacturers that can make your line.

* To learn more about how to design your own clothes with Digital Fashion Pro and how to create your own clothing line with Digital Fashion Pro - see it >> Here.