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Leggings by Digital Fashion Pro

Posted by Administrator on 1/17/2013

Design Your Own Leggings

Leggings and T-shirt by Digital Fashion Pro

Leggings and T-shirt design were created with Digital Fashion Pro. Features a digital photo that was turned into a digital print. To create this design, fashion designer Michael Harper took a photo and manipulated it. He then used it as a digital print and added it to the Digital Fashion Pro Leggings Template. The T-shirt was created the same way. Digital Fashion Pro Digital Cotton Fabric was used in the T-shirt design. Also sleeves have a sequin patch on them. Showing texture is an important aspect of Digital Fashion Pro design. We find it gives a fashion sketch a better dynamic than just using plain color. Black Stone embellishments were used to ascent the T-shirt. Digital Fashion Pro is the perfect T-shirt Design Software. In the last step, both designs were put on the Digital Fashion Pro Basic Model to show how the designs would look on a real person. 

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Leggings by Michael Harper

t-shirt design software

Leggings and T-shirts

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