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NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

Posted by Administrator on 10/26/2010

New York Fashion Week

StartingAClothingLine.com @ New York Fashion Week Spring 2011
See StartingAClothingLine.com Emmy Winning Host Karen Schaler’s Interviews
with Department Store Buyers, Celebrity Designers, Reality TV Stars, Pro
Athletes and more at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week! Be Inspired as
you get a first hand account of what takes place at Fashion Week + the trends for
Spring 2011 + hear some great tips for new designers. If you want to become a
designer and get your line out there - this is a video you don’t want to miss!
NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2011 Collection
- by Karen Schaler
I admit it. The first thing that came to mind when I found out I was going to host
some New York Fashion Week coverage for StartingACLothingLine.com and
the Digital Fashion Pro Team was “what am I going to wear?” I mean, come on,
I’m a girl, it’s only natural, right? Add that to the fact it’s hard enough deciding
what to wear on TV without adding the pressure of knowing you’re going to be
around some of the best dressed people in the world.
So, I did what any smart host and correspondent would do. I wore a “safe” little
black dress and carried flats in my bag to replace my sky-high heels with
whenever I needed to run after someone fabulous to get an interview.
Let me explain the running part. When you want to interview top designers,
celebrities, stylists, fashion buyers and models during New York Fashion Week
you better be ready to hustle because this is one premier, action packed event
that doesn’t slow down for anyone! Fashion’s elite are coming and going so fast
you need to move not to miss anything.
One example, Nicole Richie, likely going to the Charlotte Ronson or Zac Posen
show that were held back to back, slipped by us while we were interviewing two
other celeb sisters, Vanessa & Angela. Both sisters were excited about what they
had seen so far on the runway for upcoming Spring 2011 fashions and they talked
about their own clothing line Pastries. 
We caught up with celebrity stylist Rosemary Ponzo as she was leaving the
Vivienne Tam show. Her funky black ensemble by Morgan Le Fay definitely
stood out in the crowd and fit her high-energy personality perfectly. This is a
woman that lives and breathes fashion. She shared with us how important it is to
stay true to yourself when you’re finding your signature style and to always have
an accessory that ‘pops’, something that’s memorable.
Of course, you can’t miss the models, they definitely stand out, literally above the
crowd. Interviewing them was the one time I wished I was wearing my sky-high
heels because these stunners are as tall as they are beautiful.
They chatted with us about working with different designers, the casting call
process and the challenges of walking the catwalk in insanely high heels!
Especially because the new runways at Lincoln Center are longer than Bryant
Park. They also told us they like working with designers that make clothes that
are stylish and comfortable and compliment a woman’s body.
To find out what we can expect to see in the stores next spring we turned to the
fashion buyers for some insight. Many buyers we interviewed like Jamilla Davis
from Saks 5th Avenue said next spring plan to see a lot of softer colors, variations
of whites and pastels, along with more flowing, feminine lines and fun prints. Sheer
is also out in full force so ladies you’ll want to be in top form.
We also caught up with one young, gutsy designer, Shavonne DeAnn from
Philadephia who didn’t have a show inside Lincoln Center so she brought four
models to pose outside on the plaza. She knew with more than 100,000 people
expected to attend Fashion Week she could get some exposure and it worked.
Photographers lined up to take photos. She says her inspiration comes from what
she sees everyday on the street, people rushing around living their lives, so her
fashion line is all about comfort and affordability.
When it comes to fashion media, you guessed it, they were out in full force,
thousands of them, literally. From magazine editors to bloggers, they were all
rushing around trying to catch as many shows as possible. We talked to a few
who told us the trick when it comes to seeing the shows is pacing and planning.
They all gave top reviews for the new venue at Lincoln Center, saying it’s much
more spacious than Bryant Park and more high tech, making it easier for them
to file stories and get the access and interviews they need.
I know we got all the interviews we needed and then some, but like a kid in a
candy store, you always want more. It’s such a rare opportunity to have access
to the most talented people in the American fashion industry and have them all in
one place, you just hate to leave. But then you remember there’s always
February, the next time New York hosts Fashion Week debuting fall and winter
styles. So stay tuned!
Karen Schaler is an Emmy award-winning television correspondent, author and
writer. She currently works as a freelance host & correspondent for a new travel
show on ABC News and is editor of www.traveltherapytrips.com.

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