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Plaid Button Up Shirt

Posted by Administrator on 2/23/2013

Plaid Button Up Shirt Design

Plaid Shirt Design

The sketch model is wearing a plaid button-up shirt with an asymmetrical material layout; pearl capped snap-buttons, shoulder straps and accent material that's torn around the edges. With embroidered logo on the chest, news-boy cap and wallet that ties back to the accent material. Sidebar: the purpose for the wallet is to bring attention back to the shirt whenever the wallet is pulled out. The denim pant is dual ring-spun with light whiskers, sandblasting, two bleach spots and abrasions on the knees. The shoes are casual walking gym-sneakers. This design reflects some of the cool button-up shirts on sale today. 

Again, with Digital Fashion Pro texture and Digital Fabric go hand in hand. This is a sketch that you could put in your catalog and be able to sell it directly to clothing retailer. From looking at the sketch, they will be able to tell whether this is a style that they are interested in carrying in their store. This is the true beauty of designing with Digital Fashion Pro. It allows others to see and believe in your vision even before you even have it physically made. What do you think? We would love to hear from you. :)

Model Wearing Plaid Button Up Shirt

Plaid Button Up Shirt by Digital Fashion Pro Software

This fashion design sketch was created with Digital Fashion Pro Software. 
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Date 2/24/2013
Keith Jackson
Very nice design. I would order this right now. It is exactly my style. Digital fashion pro seems like an awesome software. I'm going to order it with my next check. This will be the longest week ever lol.

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