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Queens Library adds Digital Fashion Pro

Posted by Administrator on 5/15/2011 to Fashion Industry News

Queens Library Adds Fashion Design Software




Queens, NYMay 16, 2011StartingAClothingLine.com, the innovative online retailer of instructional books and software for developing tomorrow’s fashion leaders, is thrilled to have Queens Library in New York on its already diverse client list.  Queens Public Library has ordered Digital Fashion Pro Version 8, a revolutionary fashion design software system created by StartingAClothingline.com to provide fashion students and aspiring designers with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully create professional-looking fashion designs. 


"Digital Fashion Pro is a special tool that helps students excel in design,” said Michael Harper, co-founder of StartingAClothingline.com. “It allows them to really explore their creativity through the use of the many components of the system such as the digital fabrics and garment templates. Who knows, some of the world’s next hot designers could be sitting in their local public library planning for their future. We love being part of that process," he said.


Digital Fashion Pro is a perfect supplement to fashion design classes, allowing fashion students to create professional-looking designs by helping to take their design sketches from the paper to the computer.  But, since many aspiring designers may have long since graduated college and are interested in starting a home based business, Digital Fashion Pro is ideal for them.  It comes equipped with design and fabric templates, interactive design tools, business plan templates, and video tutorials, providing a hands-on learning experience to complement and enrich traditional fashion coursework. 


StartingAClothingLine.com was created to help fashion entrepreneurs, both new and old, accomplish their dreams in fashion design and marketing.  After realizing that a simple lack of know-how can prevent even the most talented and hardworking individuals from establishing careers within the fashion industry, the company’s founders created a website that carefully guides clients through every step of the process.  The site offers tutorials on everything from design, financial strategies, manufacturing approaches and retailer relations.  Their books and software are designed for a clear, concise and effective education, useful to both those with and without a background in fashion. Whether they are used on their own or as a compliment to traditional fashion coursework, StartingAClothingLine.com’s innovative products are undoubtedly must-haves for any aspiring fashion designer.


All aspects of Digital Fashion Pro are customizable and alterable; any fashion dream imaginable is possible using the tools provided.  Finally, aspiring designers may create realistic clothing sketches that resemble the garments they have in mind, but could never before articulate on paper.  The result?  Designs that will meet the highest industry standards that are ready to present in a catalog or portfolio to investors, manufacturers, buyers and beyond.  


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