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How StartingAClothingline Can Help You With Your Clothing Line - Infographic

Posted by SCL Team on 7/24/2015 to How To Start a Clothing Line Blog
How StartingAClothingline.com Can Help You With Your Clothing Line - Infographic.

Quick Guide - StartingAClothingline.com Can help you with starting your clothing line

5 Free Design Programs to Boost Your Online Fashion Business

Posted by SCL Team on 5/11/2015 to Fashion Design
Do you have aspirations of becoming the next Versace? Or, sharing the runway with Vera Wang?

Becoming a fashion powerhouse does not happen overnight. Prior to designer garments plastering the pages of fashion magazines, they must first be birthed from the creative mind of the designer. Traditionally this meant that conceptualized designs must first have been carefully rendered onto paper prior to being manufactured.

Modern fashion designers, fledgling or well-established, can now reap the benefits of digital design software that will not only help them bring their ideas to life much sooner, but also allow them to see firsthand things like color variations and attractive visual aspects.