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The Little Entrepreneur - Takes Flight Part 1
The Little Entrepreneur - Takes Flight Part 1

The Little Entrepreneur - Takes Flight Part 1

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By: Michael H. and Jay Arrington Description: ISBN: 0-9764161-3-1. This is a very motivational and empowering story about kids learning how to work towards their dreams. This book encourages skill building and goal setting that kids will need as they grow up and become adults. Ages 8 and up. This is an inspirational book that the whole family will enjoy.

Published by Harper Arrington Publishing LLC
Michael Harper and Jay Arrington are the founders of StartingAClothingLine.com / Writers of The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line.


The Little Entrepreneur Takes Flight Book Reviews

"This is an inspiring book for young people. It is a story about six kids who were inspired to go after a dream. This dream was to be an entrepreneur and build a business. One day at school, a young video game designer visited a class. He opened their minds to a new idea. He inspired them because he was young and doing what he loved to do everyday. This spurred Mary Kennedy to act. She believed in herself and began to reach for her dream. This book is a wonderful empowering tool for young people. It shows over and over again that life is what we make of it. Children really do have the power within themselves to reach their goals and dreams. It shows how six kids went the next step beyond wishing for something. It shows how they begin planning with a step by step method of how they were going to work towards reaching their goals. This is truly inspirational and is something many adults could benefit from reading."

Reviewed by Qetesh of  TCM Reviews (http://tcm-ca.com) 

"After I finished reading The Little Entrepreneur Takes Flight by Michael J. Harper and Jay Arrington, I realized that this book could literally change lives.  Children from ages 8 and up will find the stories entertaining as they relate to the very believable characters.  Within the pages, readers will find blueprints for success, not only as little entrepreneurs but as human beings. Though the primary topic is one designed to teach children how to start businesses and follow their dreams, there are other subtle—and not-so-subtle—messages that are directed toward all members of a family. If parents can manage to get this book away from their children long enough to read it themselves, they will find that it is the perfect way to initiate family conversations in which everyone participates.


The story is unique in that it is told by Mary, a young schoolgirl, who wants to be a successful writer.  She tells her story in first person, writing in age-appropriate language, and being totally honest with her thoughts and feelings.  The children who read this book will like her as well as the other children whom they get to know. Perhaps, in some way, they will come to identify with Mary Kennedy, Danny Thompson, Isaiah Phillips, Maria Santiago, Sunni Kim or Vijay Abraham.  Could it be that readers of The Little Entrepreneur Takes Flight have goals and dreams comparable to those of the characters in this book? Could they have a similar family life? 

Mary describes how Jeff, a speaker at her school, shared with the students how he started his own video game designing company when he was 21 years of age. The entire class was impressed and excited, especially when he talked about being his own boss and setting his own work schedule.  He was an entrepreneur who had made his dreams come true.  Inspired by Jeff’s success and her own desire to become a writer, Mary embarks on a project which involves interviewing her friends to find out about their backgrounds and interests.  She hopes to learn what they want to be when they grow up and understand why people do or don’t follow their dreams.


As the story progresses, we see the results slowly unfold and learn how enterprising her young friends are when it comes to their skills and ideas.  She finds herself encouraging them to follow their dreams—to be what they want to be.  At the same time, she also receives encouragement in regard to her own desire to be a writer.  As she interviews each of her friends, Mary becomes increasingly aware how important it is for parents to support their children in regard to their future goals.  What they say and do—or don’t say and do—greatly affects how their children feel about their abilities and plans for the future. Some of her friends have already been successful in their small businesses.  She is excited for them and has confidence that all will succeed. 


After the interviews are completed, Mary’s teacher, Mrs. Capital, gave her valuable input, explaining how important both faith and work are to achieving success.  She said that being afraid of failure should not stop anyone from trying, because through failure one could find success.  Mrs. Capital told the story of her own desire to be a teacher, and Mary was very grateful for all that she shared with her.  Mary also sees her own father, after years of working as an employee, reach out to fulfill his life-time dream of being an entrepreneur. 


This powerful book gives some basic information on running one’s own business, even providing an age-appropriate glossary. It also encourages children by providing a list of famous and successful entrepreneurs as examples.  The following are just a few names from the list:  Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Thomas J. Watson, James Kimsey, and Vera Wang.  The authors remind readers that successful entrepreneurs can be found in their own neighborhoods, perhaps in their own families. 


 The Little Entrepreneur Takes Flight is educational as well as entertaining.  How could children not relate to meeting in a great tree house where they have fun and engage in lively discussions! This proved to be the perfect place for Mary to conduct her interviews. Since the children felt as though they were running a business from this place, they gave it a special name—The Headquarters.  


This is truly a book that will encourage and inspire children to become all that they can be.  My young grandchildren have already benefited from reading it and are looking forward to the next book in this series which is entitled The Business Adventure Begins.  This series of books is MUST reading for all parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, and, of course, children."


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