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Top Online Fashion Magazines

Posted by SCL Team on 10/6/2015
Top Online Fashion Magazines

The rise in online fashion magazines and blogs has seen tremendous growth over the years. Even physical magazines often publish an online version. We wanted to make a comprehensive list of 20 of the world's top online fashion magazines to give our clients a one stop shop to visit some of the best fashion magazines, fashion websites and fashion blogs.  For today's fashion designers and clothing lines the sheer amount of fashion magazines, fashion writers and fashion bloggers offer increased opportunities to have your collections seen by millions. While getting Vogue Magazine to do a feature on your fashions may not happen for most of us, there are plenty of online magazines and blogs that can do your fashion label justice.

If you have a piece that you feel is editorial, don't hesitate to reach out to the online fashion community to establish a relationship. You want to make sure you have either professional photographs of your clothing or samples that you can send to the magazine. You want to include a bio about yourself and recent press if you have any. Putting together a digital press kit is not a bad idea when it comes time for you to contact fashion editors. 

You want to look professional in all aspects. You also want to stand out as you can imagine the amount of request fashion editors get on the daily basis. Have a great subject line in your email etc. You also want to look at their recent fashion post and make sure your clothing would fit in. You want to research their fashion journalist and editorial staff to see which one is the best one to contact. Ultimately, getting your clothing line or pieces featured in a fashion magazine whether offline or online can work wonders for getting exposure for your fashion designs, clothing line and your recent fashion collection. Also, make sure you have a website that people can visit to see more of your collection. 

For those of you are just avid fashion lovers and shoppers - this is also an awesome fashion list for you too. Explore fashion and style from around the world on our favorite picks below. We truly had a pleasure putting this resource together and visiting all of the sites featured. Now to the list!

Here Are Our Picks For The 20 Top Online Fashion Magazines

These are the magazines that we felt offer stunning fashion photographs, features and editorials. The featured magazines cover everything from Couture, Everyday Fashion Urban Fashion and more. Each has their own specialty. Click on mag below to visit their websites. Enjoy!

*Attention Fashion Magazines, Fashion Bloggers and Writers

We will be adding more fashion magazines and updating this page regularly. If you have a fashion magazine or blog and you want to be featured on this page - just let us know. Visit our Contact Page for contact details.

Article by The StartingAClothingLine.com Team

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