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1g - VIP Package X - Our Largest Package! 37 Items! Includes Everything In Style Blast X  + Designer Series 1, 2 and 3 + Spec Book. In Stock. Ships Out In 1 Business Day
1g - VIP Package X - Our Largest Package! 37 Items! Includes Everything In Style Blast X + Designer Series 1, 2 and 3 + Spec Book. In Stock. Ships Out In 1 Business Day

1g - VIP Package X - Our Largest Package! 37 Items! Includes Everything In Style Blast X + Designer Series 1, 2 and 3 + Spec Book. In Stock. Ships Out In 1 Business Day

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In Stock. Ships Out 1 Business Day after Order

- The Largest Package We Offer! It includes the Digital Fashion Pro VX Luxury Edition.

- Business / Design Package!  Includes 37 Items! + Free Updates For 1 Year + VIP Customer Service & Advice. 

This Package Includes The Designer Series Vol. 1, 2, 3 by Designer Michael H. + Spec Book of Garment Measurements + New Human Model Series + Templates. To see some of the Human Models that come in this package, see the first edition of SKETCHBOOK MAGAZINE.

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Go From Aspiring Clothing Line to Professional With The Start My Line VIP Package!

How to design your own clothing line   Draw professional fashion sketches and clothing designs   Easy to use software for fashion designers and beginners    Can you still design clothing if you cant draw - yes

This is the Package that helps Aspiring Fashion Designers Turn Their Idea Into A Professional Clothing Line! This Course Will Give You Insider Clothing Line Tips That Will Help You to Make Your Line A Success. It Packs 20+ Years of Direct Fashion Industry Experience From the Small Start-Up Clothing Line Perspective With Goals To Become A Global Fashion Brand.


Features: Digital Fashion Pro Luxury VX Edition Fashion Design Software. Includes Basic + 36 Upgrades (Highlights: Fashion Business Center, The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Line Book, Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook of clothing manufacturers eBook and the Small Batch Explosion eBook.)

This is a great package for the designer or beginner that is very serious about wanting their clothing line to succeed. It contains a wealth of insider fashion industry information. It covers how to create a clothing line business plans, how to create technical sketches and spec sheets. It has clothing manufacturers and factories to make your line. It teaches you about the fashion design process and how to get your samples made for almost free and much more. The price of this package is a steal! Just the things you will learn that will save you money while starting and running your line alone will make this package pay for itself times over. 

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Buy Industry Leader Package

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Features of this Clothing Business & Design Package:
1. Digital Fashion Pro Basic V10 Fashion Design Software
2. Style Pack 1 (Female and Male clothing templates - dresses, tops, outerwear and more)
3. Beyond the Basics - Advance Digital Fashion Pro training
4. Digital Fabric Library - Over 1,000 extra fabrics
5. Shoe & Accessories Pack 1
6. Denim Wash Factory
7. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Line Book - EBook
8. Fashion Business Center
9. Ultimate List of Clothing Manufacturers eBook 150+ Manufacturers and Contacts from over 30 Countries - E-Item
10. Digital Fabric Pack 12F
11. Storyboard Creator Upgrade (2 Fashion Poses plus Over 150 templates) - E-Item
12. Women's Heel Upgrade Pack Electronic Download - Free With Package
13. Digital Print Pack 1 Electronic Download - Free With Package
14. Red Carpet Female Pose (Over 100 clothing templates plus model) -E-Item
15. Mega Vector Art Pack - Over 200 art designs you can use in your clothing designs! - E-Item
16. Dress Style 2B Pack - Over 25 Dress 2B Style Templates With Shadow Effects -E-Item
17. Style Pack 2 - Rompers, Wrap Dresses, Ruffle Blouses, Jumpsuits - Over 100 Templates - E-Item
18. Unisex Dress Suit Jackets and Blazer Collection + Ties, Suspenders, Denim Jacket and Tees - E-Item
19. Animal Kingdom - Vector Animal Artwork
20 Small Batch Explosion List - Contact list of manufacturers that make small quantities
21. Maternity Poses - 2 Women's Maternity Poses + Clothes
22. Men's Poses - Men's standing pose + Men's Walking Pose + Clothes
23. Teen Boy and Kid Model
24. Young Girl and Boy Model + Clothes
25. Plus Size Women's Model x 2 + Clothes
26. Designer Series 1 
27. Designer Series 2
28. Designer Series 3
29. Spec Measurement Book - Physical Item Arrives Separately
30. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 1
31. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 2
32. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 3
33. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 4
34. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 5
35. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 6
36. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 7
37. Human Model Series HMS1 - Model 8

E-Items will be sent to you via email once you register / verify your Digital Fashion Pro Software when you receive it.

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With This Package You Can Design:
Men, Women, Baby and Kid clothing.
You will learn how to make technical sketches with Beyond the Basics
Create special denim wash and treatment effects with Denim Wash Factory
Styles included:
1. Basic Tops, Pants, Shorts, Leggings, Jeans, Yoga Pants, Jogging Pants
2. Hangtags, Pockets, Zippers, Buttons
3. Outerwear - Coats and Jackets. Sportswear and Suit Jackets. Hoodies, Sweaters, Cardigans, Sweatshirts.
4. Dresses and Skirts
5. Trendy Tops, Blouses, Tunics, Rompers, Jumpsuits
6. Swimwear and Lingerie
7. Baby and Kid Clothing
8. Shoes: Sneakers, Heels, Boots, Flip Flops, Dress Shoes and more
9. Hats & Scarves
10. Handbags
11. Eyewear
12. Storyboard's Runway and Edge of Runway Female Models
13. Mega Vector Art Files

What Our Clients Say

M Mendincino - Digital Fashion Pro Client - fashion designer

"I am loving this program and it is quite easy to use. I am thrilled and so excited to have my designs come to life! The information I received from your book "How to start a Clothing Line" proved to be so valuable to me as I was able to save so much time and it really prevented me from making costly mistakes. I am off to Indonesia in November to tour the factory where I will have my clothing made. BRAVO to you guys for making my dreams come true! A fashion designer is born!!!"

- M. Mendicino

Vida Craddock - Digital Fashion Pro Client

"I love your software and recommend it any chance I get. You were my life saver and self-esteem. You helped me make my freelance designs a success. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T GO TO THE FASHION SCHOOLS and giving us the same opportunity to be just as good and successful by using your software."

Vida Craddock - Designs by Vida

Digital Fashion Pro Client

"Was so excited when I received your programmes! As a small fashion business, anything that helps make the process of working from an idea to designing, then producing, makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Your programs are helping me achieve my goals!"

- R. Brunton - Via Our Facebook Page

Digital Fashion Pro Client - Fashion Designer T. Leaks

"Thank you so much for creating the Digital Fashion Pro software! It has been a joy to work with...!!"

- T. Leaks - Via our Facebook.com

"Investing in Digital Fashion Pro was one of the best things I did. It has exceeded my expectations! I have been able to advance my menswear designs and I am working on my portfolio then I will work on my own line. What I like the most is that I was new to fashion but your software has made me feel like I have been designing for years..."

- Jason Herbert 

Fashion Industry Leader Package for clothing lines and fashion designers

System Requirements:
To use Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software you need any Windows System ( XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 ) with at least 2 GB Ram and 8 free GB of hard disk space. If you have an Apple Computer â€â€œ Mac Requirements are OS 10.7 or Higher. Detailed System Requirements Here

Terms: Prices and packages subject to change without notice. Electronic items will be sent to you after you have physically received your package and registered your Digital Fashion Pro with us. . 


Industry Leader Package Reviews

Testimonials From Clients:

Hi I'm in the military, I been in for eight years. My first duty station was in San DiegoCa where I began to have interest in fashion design. I set up an appointment to visit the fashion school there. I did a tour at the school and was thrilled with the designs. I was going to take classes but the advisor said it would be better to attend the school after I finished my contract in the Navy.


I decided to stay in the Navy but still had the desire to start my on clothing line so I begin searching for fashion design software on the internet because my drawing skills was not great and StartingACothingline.com website came up. I went to the website and I was a little skeptical at first then after about six months I decided to try it. I ordered the Design Basic Pro and three upgrade package first. Loved the software and decided to order six more upgrades. I think you can tell by my orders that I am really enjoying the software.


The tutorials were on point and the instructor explained it in easy to understand terms; he did an excellent job! I don't have a set style or certain type of clothes that I want to design yet so I'm just exploring the different types of clothing templates and figuring out what really describes me as a designer. I would recommend this to a friend and I give it four stars.


-- Debbie W. United States Navy


"Hi my name is Andrea W. 
My husband ordered Digital Fashion Pro for me, as we want to try and start a small clothing line to see how it goes.  I have been to Fashion School many years ago and have always done my designs (not for the fashion industry, for myself) using pencil, paper colored pencils, rapidographs and so on, as well as using "croquis."
I love to tinker with new softwares, but this has "blown me away"!  I starting playing around with the software and templates, right out of the box, just to get a feel for it and I have to say, that it has made my life in designing so much easier and I'm astonished at the different manipulations I can do with a template, the software is very easy to understand and it's truly amazing!  I love it!  I haven't watched the videos completely, but when I get stuck as to how to manipulate a pattern or color or sizing, I then refer to the tutorials and video and it's so easy to find exactly the topic I'm looking for. 
Thank you Harper Arrington Publishing and to all the people involved in developing this fantastic software!"

-- Andrea W., Monroe Township New Jersey

Thank you for the tutorials! I'm so happy. and it was easy too. When I did it a couple of times I was psyched. I stayed up all night making different T-shirts. Thanks a whole lot and keep up the good work.

-- Calvin Saunders  

My designing has picked up a few notches as a result of using Digital Fashion Pro. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants their designs to look flawless.

-- Johnny W. - Dallas, TX

After using Digital Fashion Pro, I realized that Harper Arrington has just made life for me easier! Im in love with this product. Thanks guys!

-- Brent, Los Angeles

Ive used a few other fashion design programs and none are even in the same league with Digital Fashion Pro. I honestly dont know why you guys are selling at such a great price.

-- Wendy Lee -- New York, NY

Digital Fashion Pro is a dream come true for me. Ive always wanted to design but sketching wasnt my strong point. After using Digital Fashion Pro over the course of 2 months, I became super good at it. I was surprised myself at how my designs were looking. I love the feedback I have been getting as well! Thanks Harper Arrington.

-- Gina -- New York, NY

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* Check out this article on the fashion design process and how to get your clothing made Here >>

Tax Deductible?

FYI: Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible as a business expense if you already have a business on record or if you start your fashion business this year! If you donâ€â„¢t have a business or D.B.A. yet  donâ€â„¢t fret - the How to Start a Clothing Line Course will show you exactly how to get things set up! Therefore, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Kick off your fashion career today!

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