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2015 - StartingAClothingLine.com, an industry leader in fashion design software tools for fashion designers and clothing line startups is celebrating Women Fashion Business Owners, Fashion Labels and Designers. Join us as we salute the women who make the fashion industry amazing. Be sure to check out our post of the Top Women Owned Fashion Labels Worldwide, Interviews with women fashion business owners and are article that covers the impact of women owned businesses on the world. We are excited about this list of 300 Clothing Lines by women who make the fashion industry amazing. 

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As of 2012, there were nearly 10 million businesses in the United States under female ownership according to the National Women’s Business Council. While these proud women entrepreneurs have found a home among many industries, the fashion industry continues to be one dominated by women. As the fashion industry continues to grow and flourish, it’s important to recognize the role women have played and how they continue to shape the latest in fashion trends. According to Jay Arrington, Co-Founder of StartingAClothingLine.com, “We should celebrate women as the epitome of fashion because they embody everything it is.”

Fashion Is a Women’s Industry

Because the fashion industry appeals most to women, it’s no wonder women have made great strides in creating the latest fashions. Beginning around the early 20th century, women began making a name for themselves in the fashion industry, even before it was common for women to enter the workplace, let alone own their own business. 

Famous Fashion Entrepreneurs in History

There are many women fashion entrepreneurs who have helped pave the way for today’s women to make a name in the fashion world. For instance, the name Coco Chanel is still synonymous with fashion today. While she is most well-known for her contributions to the perfume industry, she has also become known for her fashion empire, which grew to massive proportions by the time of her death in 1971.

Another founding mother of women entrepreneurs in fashion is Lillian Vernon. She stepped onto the scene just in time to capture the growth of the mail order fashion industry. Although known for her contributions to the fashion world, Vernon also entered other areas of the mail order industry, including household goods, children’s products, holiday décor and more.

Today’s Fashion Greats

Today, there are a growing number of women who are entering the field of fashion, making their unique mark on the world. These female fashion designers are quickly paving the way for more women to take the plunge and share their unique sense of fashion with the world. Michael Harper, Co-Founder of StartingAClothingLine.com said, “It’s truly wonderful to see so many women deciding to take their careers into their own hands and become forces in the fashion industry. We love that we can help support Women Fashion Entrepreneurs through our fashion design and business products.”

After appearing on Shark Tank, designer Betsy Johnson was able to showcase her fun line of men’s, women’s and children’s swimwear in front of a national audience. The unique zippered swimwear is making waves at beaches. In addition to the swimwear for all ages, the Swim Zip line includes beach cover-ups, hats and more.

Stephanie O. Designs is another up-and-coming fashion entrepreneur in the industry. She has created a line of separates that can be put together for a fashionable look that keeps wearers true to their inner beauty. She understands the unique needs of the modern woman and strives to create amazing fashions women can be proud to wear.

The tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001, stands as a reminder of the importance of standing together. In support of this cause, Violette, a current women’s fashion entrepreneur, has created a line of sweatshirts and hats called her “Flowers for Towers” line. In addition, she has created other designs reflecting a hip, trendy look for young people.

Rachel Zoe is still working on her initial launch, but once her Spring 2016 line is ready to go, she is sure to climb the ladder of success in the fashion world. In addition to her clothing line, she also has a fashion TV show called, “Fashionably Late.”

Diane von Furstenberg created DVF to ensure women could have access to the glamorous, confident attire they are looking for. Women have a strong sense of self and her pieces are designed to give them the best of the best in fashion and accessories. She now boasts a global lifestyle brand that showcases the latest styles.

Trish Summerville is a costume designer and stylist who works hard to create the latest in hip fashions. In addition to her fashions for everyday wear, she has also created designs for use in television commercials, movies, television shows, music videos and more.

Then you also have new designer labels such as Misha Mendicino Designs. Misha was named "Designer of the Year" by Phoenix Fashion Week 2014 and also named by WE Magazine as "101 Women in E-Commerce." The philanthropy efforts by many of the women owned fashion labels are outstanding as well. For instance, Misha Mendicino Designs has a brand mission to help with Elephant Conservation by partnering and donating to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, to secure a future for our elephants. 5% of revenue helps fund several Anti-Poaching campaigns as well as funding the Nairobi Nursery where the orphaned elephants are hand-reared.

Finally, well-known women fashion entrepreneur Tyra Banks is a fashion guru and has taken the modern fashion world by storm. She is known for helping guide budding fashion stylists in launching their own lines of fashion to introduce the world to their unique sense of style.

The fashion world is constantly changing and women are playing a major role in the course of these changes. From the early women fashion entrepreneurs, such as Chanel and Vernon, to the modern stylists who are taking the fashion industry by storm, women will continue to shape the way we look and dress for years to come. 

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