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The StartingAClothingLine.com Blog covers the latest news in fashion. We cover fashion events, fashion design, fashion designers, clothing lines, how to start a clothing and the latest news from The StartingAClothingLine.com Company.

SCL / Digital Fashion Pro Customer Reviews

Posted by Michael Harper on 11/1/2016
Digital Fashion Pro Customer Reviews and Client Testimonials

   Digital Fashion Pro Ratings & Reviews

Product Reviews and Testimonials from StartingAClothingLine.com / Digital Fashion Pro Customers. Digital Fashion Pro Reviews. READ MORE

Digital Fashion Pro Reviews Astrid

"Students at Neshaminy High School in Langhorne Pennsylvania are just starting to explore and use the Digital Fashion Pro software and are having a blast.  They love it!  Every day someone discovers something new and shares it with their classmates.  It is a joy as a teacher to see students so having fun, learning, and so engaged."

- Kelly Macauley - F.C.S. Department Chair & Lead Teacher

"Thank you!!!  I have your product and love it."

- L. Gonzalez - California

"Thanks for providing these great tools. I hope to be another of your success story testimonials in a couple years. Thx"

- James Iglesias

"Hi, I received my Fashion Pro recently and I love it! I love the tutorials. They are easy to understand and I cant wait to start designing soon. I am so excited! Thanks for this wonderful product."

- Elizabeth Kanini

"Thanks for the products as easy as putting on shoes everything is so easy to do"

- Brandon Woods

"I'm happy with my DFPro it has been a good help. The Fashion Guide is another good source of information, both helping me to achieve my goal in the fashion industry.
- Nora Jones

"The product is great. I really like it"

- Matthew Schor

Clothing Lines by Project Runway Fashion Designers

Posted by The SCL Team on 9/15/2016 to Fashion Industry News

What Are Your Favorite Fashion Designers From Project Runway Up To Now?

I have to admit that I love the TV Show Project Runway. Each time a season goes off, I always find myself looking forward to the next season with heavy anticipation. Who will the new designers be? Who will stand out? Who will win? Who is going to bring the drama? Yes the drama is important as well. Nevertheless, it is truly wonderful that Heidi Klum opened up this platform to showcase emerging fashion designers and give them a chance to display their talents to the world. The designers on Project Runway have a special alumni bond because each has experienced a significant turning point in their careers and they went through it together. As we are Facebook Friends with many of the designers and have worked with some – it is wonderful to see them commenting on each other’s collection and so on. This is why we wanted to create this list of all of the Project Runway Designers in one place with links to each of their respected clothing lines. Let us continue to support them. While their seasons may be over in some cases, many are still creating beautiful fashions through their own labels.

The 5 Most Important Steps to Starting Your Own Clothing Line

Posted by Michael Harper on 2/7/2016 to How To Start a Clothing Line Blog
The 5 Most Important Steps to Starting Your Own Clothing Line

Starting your own clothing line is exciting but before you begin here are a few important tips for beginners about to embark on the ride of their life. There are 5 important steps and areas that are critical to your success as you start your own clothing line. You must do well in all 5 to be successful. In reality, all of these steps are done at the same time. The 5 areas are Design, Business, Manufacturing, Marketing and Retail. So let’s begin with Design.

Fashion Design Software for Mac

Posted by Michael Harper on 12/22/2015 to Fashion Design
Fashion Design Software for Mac

Fashion Design Software, as defined on DigitalFashionPro.com, “is a computer-aided design (CAD) software or system that allows a user to digitally create graphics related to the apparel and textile industry.” There are a few different fashion design software programs for Windows Based Operating Systems but now Digital Fashion Pro, one of the fashion industry’s most popular fashion design systems for fashion designers, is now compatible with Mac Operating Systems by Apple. The team at StartingAClothingLine.com realized that they needed to have a Mac compatible program to go along with the Windows Version due to popular demand. In December of 2015, the new version went on sale so that Mac Users could now design clothing using their Mac Computers without the need for additional software.

SCL Interview with Fashion Label Ushiwear

Posted by SCL Team on 12/7/2015 to Clothing Line News & Features
SCL Interview with Fashion Label Ushiwear

StartingAClothingLine.com (SCL) recently interviewed Jilly the founder and owner of USHIWEAR. We loved what they were doing and had named her line one of the Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels in the World. Here is that interview:

How did you come up with the name Ushiwear? Were you excited when it hit you?

Well my surname – Kapusi is pronounced Kap-ushi. With a close friend and after playing around with lots of names for the brand we came up with Ushi. In 2009 we found out it meant Ox in Japanese, so the bulls head idea for our logo was born. Then later whilst visiting ‘Grand Designs Show’ in London we found an ancient relic which was a Shamans headdress, this was the missing link and suddenly the look of for the brand all feel into place. It was a very emotional moment and it meant even more when we found out it was year of the Ox in 2009 when we bought the headdress. All very much meant to be as my birth sign in Taurus the bull.

Interviews With Women Business Owners

Posted by The SCL Team on 11/3/2015 to Celebrating Women Fashion Labels & Fashion Designers
Interviews With Women Business Owners

Highlighting Ordinary Women With Fashion Businesses and What It Means to Them to Be a Female Entrepreneur

7 Stories of Empowerment

As a part of our 2015 Celebration of Women Fashion Entrepreneurs we wanted to interview some ordinary women who either are in the process of starting a fashion business or already have one. We wanted to tell their stories of encouragement and empowerment. It was truly a pleasure of ours to speak with each business woman featured. 

Celebrating Women Owned Fashion Businesses - Press Release

Posted by The SCL Team on 11/3/2015 to Fashion Industry News
Celebrating Women Owned Fashion Businesses - Press Release
StartingAClothingLine.com Celebrates The Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels
This Annual Series Focuses On Women Empowerment and Fashion

Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels and Clothing Lines

Posted by The SCL Team on 11/3/2015 to Fashion Industry News
Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels and Clothing Lines

Our Picks For the 2015 Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels Worldwide

Our 2015 selections for the Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels Worldwide. We enjoyed putting this list together and going inside of each fashion designer's world. It is truly an incredible experience for fashion lovers such as us. We commend each label featured and the woman or women behind them.

Sik Silk, Streetwear with Celebrity Style

Posted by Guest Blogger - Eloise Rolfe of Beauty & Ruin on 11/1/2015 to Clothing Line News & Features

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this brand I want to introduce to you, Sik Silk.

Judging by the mass of A-list celebrities rocking this label, and the fact that urban, street apparel is worn globally I doubt this is the first you’ve heard of this brand, however I wanted to write this in recognition of how awesome their clothing really is.

Founded by a humble trio from Scarborough, I doubt the three really understood what they were on to. Inspired by Old school sportswear and the lack of American apparel available in the UK they spotted a gap in the market.

Emerging Trends In Fashion and Wearable Tech

Posted by Michael Harper on 10/25/2015 to Fashion Industry News
Emerging Trends In Fashion and Wearable Tech

It is without doubt that 2015 has seen its share of emerging technology and fashion meeting to create some of the fashion world’s most innovated trends yet. From the Apple Watch, to breakthroughs in 3D printing, on to Nike’s upcoming self-lacing sneakers, there is a push to advance fashion to new heights. But even as technology becomes more and more fundamentally engraved into our favorite fashion pieces, great design still is the driving catalyst. Technology without the designs the customers will love is just a mere attention seeking gimmick. Sure a designer can put a LED miniature billboard on the back of a leather jacket but who is going to wear it if the design of the jacket isn’t appealing. As fashion embraces more technology, it will be important for fashion designers to still stick to the roots of what has made many designers of past and present household names. The secret sauce is superb design. Technology will always play a secondary role to great design in my opinion. With that being said, let’s talk about some brands getting wearable technology right.

How To Increase Your Fashion Label Sales Right Now

Posted by Michael Harper - Co-Founder of StartingAClothingLine.com on 10/21/2015 to How To Start a Clothing Line Blog
How To Increase Your Fashion Label Sales Right Now

I often get emails on what is the best way to market a clothing line. While there is no best way or one size fits all models, some clear top practices have emerged. One of which is the use of affiliate marketing. You can utilize your own built in affiliate program through your shopping cart provider such as when you have a store powered by 3dcart. Going this route will require that you go out and actively find fashion websites and fashion bloggers to join your program. This might not be the easiest way to get the ball rolling especially if you are new brand. An easier way will be to join an affiliate network. Doing so could provide a tremendous boost in sales such as how Farfetch, a luxury fashion brand was able to increase their sales by 91% by using affiliate marketing.