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Product Registration is required for technical support as well as to activate / receive any additional upgrades that you may have ordered with your package.

Note: Per Terms and Conditions
Digital Fashion Pro can only be installed on one computer per license - unless you purchased extra licenses at the time of your order. If you need to install it on an additional computer(s) - email us at support@startingaclothingline.com for pricing information.

Note 2: Do not try to design or open any template until you have fully installed all components of the system and you have Watched All The Training Videos and Read Training Guide!

After Registering - Check out some additional fashion design and business products that may be able to help you with your designing / clothing line. Good Luck!

If you have trouble installing - Please email us at support@startingaclothingline.com immediately or call us at 888-435-9234 during office hours. We are here to help you get going!

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