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Clothing Lines by Project Runway Fashion Designers

Posted by The SCL Team on 9/15/2016 to Fashion Industry News

What Are Your Favorite Fashion Designers From Project Runway Up To Now?

I have to admit that I love the TV Show Project Runway. Each time a season goes off, I always find myself looking forward to the next season with heavy anticipation. Who will the new designers be? Who will stand out? Who will win? Who is going to bring the drama? Yes the drama is important as well. Nevertheless, it is truly wonderful that Heidi Klum opened up this platform to showcase emerging fashion designers and give them a chance to display their talents to the world. The designers on Project Runway have a special alumni bond because each has experienced a significant turning point in their careers and they went through it together. As we are Facebook Friends with many of the designers and have worked with some – it is wonderful to see them commenting on each other’s collection and so on. This is why we wanted to create this list of all of the Project Runway Designers in one place with links to each of their respected clothing lines. Let us continue to support them. While their seasons may be over in some cases, many are still creating beautiful fashions through their own labels.

Celebrating Women Owned Fashion Businesses - Press Release

Posted by The SCL Team on 11/3/2015 to Fashion Industry News
Celebrating Women Owned Fashion Businesses - Press Release
StartingAClothingLine.com Celebrates The Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels
This Annual Series Focuses On Women Empowerment and Fashion

Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels and Clothing Lines

Posted by The SCL Team on 11/3/2015 to Fashion Industry News
Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels and Clothing Lines

Our Picks For the 2015 Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels Worldwide

Our 2015 selections for the Top 300 Women Owned Fashion Labels Worldwide. We enjoyed putting this list together and going inside of each fashion designer's world. It is truly an incredible experience for fashion lovers such as us. We commend each label featured and the woman or women behind them.

Emerging Trends In Fashion and Wearable Tech

Posted by Michael Harper on 10/25/2015 to Fashion Industry News
Emerging Trends In Fashion and Wearable Tech

It is without doubt that 2015 has seen its share of emerging technology and fashion meeting to create some of the fashion world’s most innovated trends yet. From the Apple Watch, to breakthroughs in 3D printing, on to Nike’s upcoming self-lacing sneakers, there is a push to advance fashion to new heights. But even as technology becomes more and more fundamentally engraved into our favorite fashion pieces, great design still is the driving catalyst. Technology without the designs the customers will love is just a mere attention seeking gimmick. Sure a designer can put a LED miniature billboard on the back of a leather jacket but who is going to wear it if the design of the jacket isn’t appealing. As fashion embraces more technology, it will be important for fashion designers to still stick to the roots of what has made many designers of past and present household names. The secret sauce is superb design. Technology will always play a secondary role to great design in my opinion. With that being said, let’s talk about some brands getting wearable technology right.

Fashion Designer Christian Audigier, Founder of the Ed Hardy Clothing Line, Died Today

Posted by SCL Team on 7/10/2015 to Fashion Industry News
We give our condolences to the family of Fashion Designer Christian Audigier, founder of the Ed Hardy Clothing Line, died today at age 57. He was a pioneer in the fashion industry and also one of our Digital Fashion Pro Clients. He died today at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles from cancer. The Ed Hardy Label was founded in 2004 and became a worldwide hit with consumers. He is one of the pioneers of turning tattoo artwork into wearable fashion. His brand and style also influenced countless knockoffs which is the ultimate proof that you are doing something well. 

SCLStyle Launch

Posted by Administrator on 8/27/2013 to Fashion Industry News
SCLStyle Website Launch

SCLStyle.com launched this week! It is the new division from StartingAClothingLine.com. SCLStyle will feature the latest fashion, style, designer and clothing line news. Plus it will continue to empower aspiring fashion designers with tools and information that will help them create successful fashion businesses. SCLStyle also has adopted an mobile responsive layout to ensure that it looks good across all mobile devices.

H&M Opens Online Store

Posted by Administrator on 8/1/2013 to Fashion Industry News
Giant fashion retailer H&M, Hennes & Mauritz announced today they are opening their first USA online store this according to a company press release. HM.com will be the home of their new online shopping presence. H&M is one of the world’s largest clothing retailers. “We are thrilled to launch online shopping in the U.S.,” says Daniel Kulle, U.S. President for H&M. “This significant milestone fully rounds out H&M’s multichannel offering.  Along with close to 300 stores, our U.S. customers will now have twenty four hour access to the best of our fashion and home collections via their computers, smartphones and tablets anywhere in the U.S.”

Small Business Week Fashion Start-Ups

Posted by Michael Harper on 6/19/2013 to Fashion Industry News

StartingAClothingLine.com – Supports Small Business Week / Fashion Start-Ups


Small Business Week Fashion Start-Ups Clothing Lines

StartingAClothingLine.com is proud to celebrate National Small Business Week 2013. Since President John F. Kennedy first declared small business week in 1963, it has become a national week honoring a segment of the economy that employs over half of the employed population in the United States. There is nothing like being a business owner and making things happen for yourself, your family, employees and your end-consumers. Each year the current US President declares small business week. This year was no different with President Barack Obama declaring June 16-22, 2013 as National Small Business Week and stated, “America’s small businesses reflect the best of who we are as a Nation—daring and innovative, courageous and hopeful, always working hard and looking ahead for the next great idea.”

The president went on to say, “In America, we believe that anyone willing to work hard and take risks can get their good idea off the ground and into the marketplace… This week, we celebrate America’s entrepreneurial spirit, and we recommit to helping our small businesses get ahead.” This is very true. Here at StartingAClothingLine.com, we have strived to help empower aspiring fashion designers with unique information that can help make the launching of their own clothing line even more successful. We encourage people who have a passion for bringing their own fashion style to life should follow their heart. As the President stated without risk there are no rewards. We help soften the risk by making sure our clients know exactly what to do to be brilliant in forming and operating their fashion label.

Fashion StartUp App Official Press Release

Posted by Administrator on 3/21/2013 to Fashion Industry News

Fashion Start Up App

For Immediate Release

StartingAClothingLine.com Launches Free Fashion StartUp Mobile App to Empower Aspiring Fashion Designers to Successfully Create Their Own Clothing Line

New York – March 21, 2013 – StartingAClothingLine.com, an innovator in clothing design software, today announced the launch of its free mobile app – The Fashion StartUp App. The app is designed to empower aspiring fashion designers with information that can help them start and design their own clothing lines. The app also features many extra benefits that users will enjoy such as a fashion sketch gallery, the latest fashion news and videos. (Read more of the Official Press Release Here)

Clothing Design Software

Posted by Administrator on 1/20/2013 to Fashion Industry News
Clothing Design Software - Creating Hot Fashions One Sketch At A Time!

- Fashion Design Software is a must have for fashion designers and clothing lines

Digital Fashion sketches let fashion designers accurately convey the details of their designs with very clean lines. It also allows for designers to be able to share their sketches easily with their design team plus the ability to email them to their clothing manufacturers. Clothing design software also lets users easily add their sketches to catalogs, fashion portfolios, fashion storyboards, mood boards, spec sheets, line sheets and more. READ MORE...

Queens Library adds Digital Fashion Pro

Posted by Administrator on 5/15/2011 to Fashion Industry News

Queens, NYMay 16, 2011StartingAClothingLine.com, the innovative online retailer of instructional books and software for developing tomorrow’s fashion leaders, is thrilled to have Queens Library in New York on its already diverse client list.  Queens Public Library has ordered Digital Fashion Pro Version 8, a revolutionary fashion design software system created by StartingAClothingline.com to provide fashion students and aspiring designers with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully create professional-looking fashion designs. 

Chic Design Package

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2011 to Fashion Industry News
Los Angeles, CA, April 27, 2011… StartingAClothingLine.com, the leading source of how-to industry programs and materials for aspiring fashion designers, has launched a brand-new product, the Digital Fashion Pro Chic Design Package. The creators of Digital Fashion Pro (DFP) software are now offering this innovative product that includes 11 programs to design your own clothing line for over 50 percent off the regular price (no sewing skills necessary) through the end of April.
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