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1A- DFP FASHION MOGUL PACKAGE VX - Start Your Own Clothing Line Tools & Clothing Design Software Wrapped in One - 10 ITEMS!  Design Your Own Clothing - Create Pro Fashion Sketches + Start a Clothing Line
1A- DFP FASHION MOGUL PACKAGE VX - Start Your Own Clothing Line Tools & Clothing Design Software Wrapped in One - 10 ITEMS! Design Your Own Clothing - Create Pro Fashion Sketches + Start a Clothing Line

1A- DFP FASHION MOGUL PACKAGE VX - Start Your Own Clothing Line Tools & Clothing Design Software Wrapped in One - 10 ITEMS! Design Your Own Clothing - Create Pro Fashion Sketches + Start a Clothing Line

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how to start a clothing line

Launch Your Clothing Line and Give it the Competitive Edge With The Digital Fashion Pro FASHION MOGUL PACKAGE 2024 VX Clothing Design Software System. Get 10 Items! On Sale Today! 

Design Your Own Clothing, Create Professional Fashion Sketches, Start Your Own Clothing Line, Get Over 225 Manufacturing Contacts to Make Your Apparel + Get Fashion Designer Skills - Do It All With Digital Fashion Pro - The Complete One Stop Shop!

Digital Fashion Pro Allows You to Work Fast, Easy & Efficiently - Even if you are a beginner, Even if you can't draw. This program was designed to help newbies succeed at staring a fashion brand and designing their own clothing! Begin your fashion journey today with Digital Fashion Pro!

...Do you love fashion and want to start a collection but are unsure where to begin?

...Do you want to be able to design your own clothing and professional fashion sketches without having to hire someone?

...Do you need help with finding a manufacturer or you don't know how to get the factory to make your designs?

The Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Mogul Edition is your answer!! Go from Beginner to Pro with Digital Fashion Pro! 
+ Save a lot of time and money when you are the one in full control of your designs.

DFP Sketch Examples:


Get Customizable Clothing Templates to use as the foundation for your designs in the area of Menswear, Women's Wear, Kid's Wear, T-shirts, pants, shorts, polo’s, tanks, leggings, basic tops, buttons, pockets, hangtags & hardware, Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Shoes, Sneakers, Handbags, Yoga Pants, Trendy Women’s Tops, Hats, Swimsuits, Lingerie, Underwear, Bras, Sports Tops, Jackets, Hoodies, Cardigans, Sweaters, Jogging Suits, Leggings, Suits, Business Attire, Socks, Baby / Children’s Clothing and more. Create Couture, High Fashion, Active Wear, Ready-to-Wear, Outerwear, Urban, Sleepwear, Women’s Wear, Menswear & More! Watch Demo VX Video.

FASHION MOGUL PACKAGE VX - The Start & Design Your Own Clothing Line Package Includes:

  • Digital Fashion Pro Basic Edition VX
  • Step By Step Video Training
  • Free Technical Support
  • 1525 Clothing Templates
  • Adds Fashion Business Items
  • Standard T-Shape Men’s & Women’s Pose + Arms Down Female Model, Female Mannequin (also can be used as unisex with faceless one)
  • Style Pack 1 (Dresses, Sportswear, Swimwear, Lingerie, Jackets, Hoodies, Baby & Kid)
  • Beyond the Basics Training
  • Digital Fabric Library -1400 Fabric Files
  • Denim Wash Factory
  • Shoes & Accessories
  • Start Your Own Clothing Line – Startup Course
  • FBC – Spec Sheet Templates
  • List of 225 Clothing Manufacturers eBook
  • Digital Fabric Pack 12F


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System Requirements: Windows or Mac Computers & Laptops, Surface Pro, Chromebook. Arrives on DFP USB.

Learn More About Digital Fashion Pro and other packages here - or keep reading this page for more information about this package :)

This is the Package that helps Aspiring Fashion Designers Turn Their Idea Into A Professional Clothing Line! This Course Will Give You Insider Clothing Line Tips That Will Help You to Make Your Line A Success. It Packs 19+ Years of Direct Fashion Industry Experience From the Small Start-Up Clothing Line Perspective With Goals To Become A Global Fashion Brand. Plus you get Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Fashion Design Software so that you can easily design your own clothing line!

Full Detailed Step by Step Guide To Starting A Clothing Line From Scratch . Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Software to Design Your Fashion Line . List of Manufacturers to Make Your Line - All Included! Jump Start Your Fashion Label With The Line Start Edition Today!

How to design your own clothing line   Draw professional fashion sketches and clothing designs   Easy to use software for fashion designers and beginners    Can you still design clothing if you cant draw - yes

10 Items For How to Start Your Own Clothing, Software to Design Your Clothing Sketches, Clothing Manufacturers List of companies that can make your clothing line and tools to create your own spec sheets! + Much More! This package will help you develop your own clothing line in every area from starting it, designing it, getting it made and sold in stores.

You may not know anything about the fashion industry or designing but after getting this package - you will be able to hang with the best of them. This package will help you go from being an aspiring fashion designer with just an idea to creating your own professional fashion designs and professional clothing line with confidence! You don't even have to no how to draw to use your fashion design system.

This package gives you a simplified yet highly effective approach to creating your own clothing line. It will take you step by step through the process giving you expert advice, industry best practices and real work insight. You will be extremely satisfied with yourself for making this investment in yourself and your vision. 

* We are a US Based Company but we have clients using our products in over 75 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, Belgium, Norway, Spain and Beyond! The Line Start Edition is easy to use and can be used by anyone in the world. Order today during our One Day Super Sale!

We guarantee this package will 100% help you launch your own clothing line! Tailor Made For Beginners! This has been our mission since 2004 when we started StartingAClothingLine.com. You can trust us to deliver!

women clothing  design clothing for men  design kids clothing   handbag design software  designing shoes

You can design in each one of these categories with this totally awesome package!

This package can help you put together a complete business plan for your clothing line + ability to showcase your designs to potential investors if that is your goal.

Learn More About Digital Fashion Pro


Starting your own clothing line is not an easy task. There are many things things to consider when starting out. It is important that you take the right steps and build a solid foundation so your clothing line can flourish. We are sure you want your clothing line to be successful which is why it is important to get all of the information you can so you can make the right decisions. Give your line a chance to get big like some of the big names in fashion like Michael Kors, Sean John, Tom Ford, Diane Von Furstenberg and Alice + Olivia by utilizing all of the information and tools in the Line Start Edition! It was created to not only guide aspiring fashion designers and clothing lines through the entire process but also give them the edge in the competitive world of fashion.

“Knowledge is a Weapon, ... Arm yourself well before you ride forth to Battle.”

-- George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

- Manufacturing Contacts - Getting Your Clothing Line Made

The Line Start Edition is the ultimate fashion design package. It will walk you through how to start a clothing line, design it, get it made and in stores. You get Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition Fashion Design Software so you can design pretty much any clothing style you want. 

- Designing Your Clothing Line

You will be able to create professional fashion sketches in a format that manufacturers understand and can work with. You can also create your own look books, portfolios, catalog images and more. You could even design clothing for other people. Plus did you know that Digital Fashion Pro fashion design software program is used by countless fashion designers, professionals, schools, companies, aspiring fashion designers and beginners around the world.

The Line Start Edition also comes with the resources so that you can learn and create your own technical garment packs. You can then transmit your designs and specifications to manufacturers via email or fax. For help with garment measurements, see the Specification Book we offer here on our website. What is a garment tech pack you may ask? Don't worry, this package will show you exactly what it is and gives you the tools to create it.

All in all, this package will help you excel in the fashion business. It will also help you cut cost and potentially save you a lot of money. Learn more about The Line Start Edition and what all comes in it below. This package is a truly savvy investment that will take you a long way! Need financing for your clothing line? Read The Secret to Raising Money to Start a Clothing Line.

You Get These 6 Items For Designing Your Line:

Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition

+ Clothing Line Business Pack - 3 Items (Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course, Fashion Business Center + The Clothing Manufacturers and Fashion Supplier Contact List eBook + Digital Fabric Pack X)

The Clothing Line Business Pack 

These 3 items can help you start your own clothing line effectively giving you step by step details on the process. Plus you get 225+ clothing manufacturers that can make your line + spec sheets so that you can transmit your designs to manufacturers. Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line Book, Fashion Business Center, Ultimate Fashion Contact List of Manufacturers eBook & Fashion Business Center. This product comes with fashion spec sheet templates, grading sheet templates, clothing line business plan tools and more. It helps you run your clothing line more effectively. Spec sheets are needed to give to your manufacturer to get your line made. Helps you establish what your budget should be and more.

Buy Fashion Mogul Package

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What Our Clients Say

M Mendincino - Digital Fashion Pro Client - fashion designer

"I am loving this program and it is quite easy to use. I am thrilled and so excited to have my designs come to life! The information I received from your book "How to start a Clothing Line" proved to be so valuable to me as I was able to save so much time and it really prevented me from making costly mistakes. I am off to Indonesia in November to tour the factory where I will have my clothing made. BRAVO to you guys for making my dreams come true! A fashion designer is born!!!"

- M. Mendicino

Vida Craddock - Digital Fashion Pro Client

"I love your software and recommend it any chance I get. You were my life saver and self-esteem. You helped me make my freelance designs a success. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T GO TO THE FASHION SCHOOLS and giving us the same opportunity to be just as good and successful by using your software."

Vida Craddock - Designs by Vida

Digital Fashion Pro Client

"Was so excited when I received your programmes! As a small fashion business, anything that helps make the process of working from an idea to designing, then producing, makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Your programs are helping me achieve my goals!"

- R. Brunton - Via Our Facebook Page

Digital Fashion Pro Client - Fashion Designer T. Leaks

"Thank you so much for creating the Digital Fashion Pro software! It has been a joy to work with...!!"

- T. Leaks - Via our Facebook.com

"I had my line set up already but I felt like there was so much I didn't know so I bought your Mogul Package. I learned a lot of things I had no idea about. I now have a better understanding of the fashion industry as it relates to running a clothing line."

- Simone Patton

"Investing in Digital Fashion Pro was one of the best things I did. It has exceeded my expectations! I have been able to advance my menswear designs and I am working on my portfolio then I will work on my own line. What I like the most is that I was new to fashion but your software has made me feel like I have been designing for years..."

- Jason Herbert 

Items Included in this Design / Business Package if purchased individually:

1. Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software Basic ($199)

2. Style Pack 1 ($199)

3. Beyond the Basics ($199)

4. Digital Fabric Library ($199)

5. Denim Wash Factory ($199)

6. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Line e-Book PDF ($125)

7. Fashion Business Center ($149)

8. Ultimate List of Clothing Manufacturers eBook - Over 225 Manufacturers Worldwide ($125)

9. Shoes and Accessories Upgrade ($199)

10. Digital Fabric Pack X (Only In Package)

But You Get All Of These Items For One Low Price Today During Our Super Sale! Note: All 10 items will arrive on your DFP USB Drive.

To see each item in this package individually - Click Here.

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Features of Fashion Mogul Package

You Get The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course 5th Edition - PDF e-Book!

The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course - 4th Edition is even more powerful! It is now 3 Books In One, designed to give you everything you need to tackle launching your own line in one source! It contains the original Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Book + The Reality of Owning and Operating Your Own Clothing Line + How to Effectively Sell Your Clothing Line to Retailers! This course is actually taught in many schools and have helped countless designers around the world break into the fashion business.

This is a step by step walk through to getting you going. Some of the key points of this course are:

Money saving tips
How to find and deal with Overseas Manufacturers
How to get manufacturers to work on your terms
The Key to getting manufacturers to do small quantities
Learn how to do your own trademarks (save on lawyer fees)
What makes a good brand name
How to incorporate your business and why you should
Learn about letter of credit for production / payment on TT
How to reduce time it takes to get your line going
Learn about Production and Distribution Deals
Getting a sales tax license
Creating your website
Your importer number issued from the government and why you need it
How to form the right team behind you
Getting orders at the famous Magic Tradeshow and others
Designing your collection / specifications
Style forecasting based on your budget
Managing cash flow
What is factoring and how to get it?
Advertising and Marketing your brand
Financing your line
How and where to find models
Importing, Visas and Custom House Brokers
Distribution and getting your product in stores
Keystoning and setting the right price for your products
Packaging your products. What you must know
Basic business plan outline
Sample Commercial Invoice Document for overseas samples clearance
Sample Purchase order to present to manufacturer
Sample Spec Sheet
Sample Introduction letter to present to manufacturers to open communication
Valuable advice from the authors
Inside industry secrets and much more
Get all of this and more for a great low price! 233 pages of great information and tips! 


Buy Fashion Mogul Package

Additional SCL Pages

* Check out this article on the fashion design process and how to get your clothing made Here >>

Tax Deductible?

FYI: Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible as a business expense if you already have a business on record or if you start your fashion business this year! If you don’t have a business, LLC or D.B.A. yet, don’t fret - the How to Start a Clothing Line Course will show you exactly how to get things set up! Therefore, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Kick off your fashion career today!

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