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Mixed Print Fashion Trend

Posted by Administrator on 7/23/2013 to Style News

Mixed prints are on in fashion like the bright lights of New York when the sun goes into hiding for the day. Whether an outfit is one piece with separate prints or and two piece ensemble – the trend is exciting. It literally takes the dull moments out of an outfit because there is often a lot going on. The beauty about this style trend is any goes. You can mix prints that have absolutely nothing in common.

Mixed Prints and Fashion Designers 

Mix prints allows fashion designers to be really creative. Fashion labels such as Red Valentino, Tracy Reece, Milly, Magaschoni, Elle Tahari, M Missoni, Michael Kors, Tony Burch, Lafayette 148 New York, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade New York, and Rebecca Taylor to name a few have included mixed print styles in their current collections. From a cost stand point, the cost of creating a mix print styles depends on if the print is combined into one print in terms of when it goes on the fabric or whether the two prints are separate fabrics being sewed together. Of course the last method is the most expensive. For new designers who are producing in small quantities this method can get really expensive because there is a certain minimum of fabric that has to be dyed.

Celebrities in Mixed Prints 

So we just learned a small sample of the fashion designers creating this hot mixed print look but who are the consumers? Well just about everyone is getting in on this fashion trend including many A-List celebrities from Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Emily Rosen, Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez, and Emma Watson to name a few. Big bold prints that are impactful always pump fun and excitement into getting dressed. Mixed prints can be worn in the day and easily translate into the after 7 and after 10 looks. Wearing a flirty dress with a two dazzling prints or more competing to see which one will steal the show for the night is an ongoing battle that the women who are wearing them love. Fight on these women say! In the end, each print deserves equal praise in most cases. Sure there are some misses but overall all prints are workable in some form or fashion. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Mixed prints whether it is a day or evening look is here to stay. So what do you think about this fashion trend? Do you own any mixed prints?


FYI: The Mixed Print dress, wedge heels, clutch purse, and necklace featured in this story was designed with Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software + Mega Art Pack + Style Pack 1.

Article and designs created by Michael Harper. Story posted by John Thomas.


Comments On This Story

Date 7/23/2013
Mika L.
Love the prints. I am a fan of this fashion trend.
Date 7/23/2013
Lauren Howard
I like the print you guys created on that dress. So fab!
Date 7/23/2013
Wendy O
oooh I want to create some prints with Digital Fashion Pro. Very sheek. Your blog is very informative.
Date 7/23/2013
Amanda Jones
I have on a mixed print dress today actually lol. As an aspiring fashion designer I am inspired by the world around me so it is beautiful to be able to combine different prints that represent our style.
Date 7/26/2013
pretty cool prints
Date 7/26/2013
Kid Stylez
I like the side by side of a print that was created with digital fashion pro and the celebrity wearing prints. fashion pro can do it all i c
Date 7/26/2013
i'm a fan
Date 7/26/2013
Billy The Designer
im getting digital fashion pro in a couple of weeks from you guys. can't wait. is there any discounts for joining your mailing list?
Date 7/26/2013
Been coming to your site since you guys started in 2004. Finally decided to order and get my clothing line started. Thanks for the help you guys provide. :)
Date 8/2/2013
Sizzle S.
I like that prints are in style. I seen Heidi Klum last night wearing a black print shirt with a different black print pair of pants on Project Runway. She looked good in mixed prints. I need to go shopping lol.

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