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Sik Silk, Streetwear with Celebrity Style

Posted by Guest Blogger - Eloise Rolfe of Beauty & Ruin on 11/1/2015 to Clothing Line News & Features

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this brand I want to introduce to you, Sik Silk.

Judging by the mass of A-list celebrities rocking this label, and the fact that urban, street apparel is worn globally I doubt this is the first you’ve heard of this brand, however I wanted to write this in recognition of how awesome their clothing really is.

Founded by a humble trio from Scarborough, I doubt the three really understood what they were on to. Inspired by Old school sportswear and the lack of American apparel available in the UK they spotted a gap in the market.

“We found out you couldn’t get American apparel in England. We realized it was about to become really popular and managed to start doing it a year before it really took off."

“We released a baseball jersey and sold them to start with. The big moment came when we got our first store interest.”

There have been numerous celebrities seen wearing Sik Silk attire, but I want to start with the women. Although this cool street wear label is aimed at ‘the man who likes to look good and enjoy the finer things in life’ I’ve come to realise that it is in-fact a unisex brand, even if it not advertised.

Here are a few of the many females who sport Sik Silk.

Kicking off the list with the likes of X factor contestant Lauren Platt to X factor judge and NDubz star, Tulisa Contostavlos, they definitely voted ‘yes’ to wearing Sik Silk.

Tattooed models Sallie Axl and Jemma Lucy (also starred in recent series of ‘Ex On The Beach’) are both proud to be showing off their Sik Silk clothing.

Stooshe, the band performed, in Brighton with their collection of matching Sik Silk outfits. This had the effect of motivating many more women out there to ‘#FollowTheMovement’ and be courageous enough to flaunt it in their baseball inspired jerseys and old school sportswear with a twist.

Jess Glynne is another female star to add to the list, showing us that not only can girls pull off the Sik Silk image, but they might actually do it better. 

Other celebrities getting in on the trend include (drum roll please) Fifty Cent!

‘When Fifty Cent wears your clothing, that’s when you know you’ve made it.’

Garry Beadle, better known as Gaz from MTV’S Geordie shore is also a big follower of the brand and shows us that Sik Silk can be worn on any occasion, from a night out with the rest of the Geordie bunch, to a trip to the gym.

Thomas Gun, UK independent fashion retailer and infamously known for their urban/ street-wear clothing also realize the undeniable demand for Sik Silk.

“Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982, always priding ourselves on spotting a new thing and always treading our own path.”

So whether it’s fashion retailer Thomas Gun stocking up on Sik Silk, or the countless celebs loving the label, I think this totally reinforces the statement that Sik Silk is a well-known and respected street-wear brand.

Eloise Rolfe writes for Beauty & Ruin

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