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Store Terms and Conditions

Important! When ordering from us: Shipping and Billing address must match. Billing address must be the same as the address on your credit card statement! All orders not meeting these requirements are subject to cancellation. Also, all packages must be signed for. Furthermore, the below terms and conditions must agreed to purchase any item from our web site.
We guarantee that Digital Fashion Pro works in the manner described on our web site and in our demo videos. We also guarantee it to work on your system as long as your computer meets our posted system requirements. If for some reason your software is damaged we will replace it free of charge after inspection. Each computer must have it’s own copy of Digital Fashion Pro per our licensing agreement. Additional terms printed in the checkout section.

Harper-Arrington / Startingaclothingline.com Customers:

Orders will only process with acceptance of terms. By making your purchase today, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions in full. Your purchase will be governed by these terms and there are no exceptions. You agree to our policy and that of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal that packages must be shipped to your confirmed billing address on your credit card statement. Once you receive your package, it is up to you to notify us by E-mail of any shortages. All shortage claims must be made no more than 3 business days after the day you receive your package. Claims after which will not be honored. Note: eBooks (Ultimate List and Retailers List) can be downloaded immediately after purchase via your invoice. In the event you do not download them it is your responsibility to E-mail us and ask us to resend them to you. 

The digital nature of the majority of our products makes them impossible to return even when a customer claims that they have not installed them. Because of that  - All sales of software, cd-rom items, usb items, electronic download items, eBooks, eUpgrades, discounted packages and books from other publishers are final. We do not accept returns or partial returns on any of these items under any circumstances. Should you encounter an installation issue with any of these items - you must give us the full opportunity to rectify the issue. Email us immediately with your issue at support@startingaclothingline.com so that we can assist you. We guarantee our product works as described and once your issue is brought to us we will make sure the program works on your system by providing support. Claims that our product(s) do not work or any personal issues towards learning our programs is not basis for return. Claims of not installing the merchandise yet is also not basis for us to grant a refund or accept a return. Once we ship items to you and they are accepted - we will not grant a return for these items under any circumstances. Our site states what each product is capable of and the purpose of it therefore we will not accept a "product not as described" claim because a user thought the product was capable of something that we never mentioned. While learning comes easier to others over some - we know that anyone can learn our programs if they put in the time. Claims that is not as easy as we describe is also not basis for a return. There are also videos that show our products in action on our website. A claim that you did not read something correctly or missed reading something is also not a reason for requesting a return nor that we will grant such a return. We will also not accept that you simply changed your mind about using our products or a desire to not pursue fashion. Personal reasons such as these etc. are not grounds for us to grant a refund. Our products are like digital courses and therefore they are not returnable which is why we do not accept returns or give refunds on them. We are fully confident in our products and know that they do exactly what we say they can do. Your Acceptance of these terms was required to complete your order on our website otherwise your order would not have went through. In the event that management decides against this policy at our own discretion to grant a refund - a 30% restocking fee plus shipping charges will be retained. In this event, returned item(s) must be in the same condition that the item(s) were received in or refund will be voided. That means - unopened, still in shrinkwrap, free of markings and have not been registered. No refunds or partial credit will be given on any returned items not meeting these guidelines. We do reserve the right to cancel any discounts received should a partial return be made. There are no refunds or exchanges on any CD-ROM items, USB items, software, or eBooks once they have been shipped by us and signed for at customer’s billing address. Electronic Items that can be instantly downloaded via E-mail are non-returnable once purchase is made. All sales of these types of items are final. Any items purchased as a part of a package (meaning individual items grouped together and sold as a package) are final - meaning there are no refunds on those items once purchased. Also note that Ultimate List eBook and Retailers List eBook have no monetary value when they are a part of a package. They are provided free as a courtesy with the package. We guarantee DF-Pro works as described on our web site. If there are any problems with your Digital Fashion Pro disc or usb install mechanism - we will replace it free of charge. If an installation problem is the issue we will provide free technical support and possibly a net meeting to make sure we get everything up and running properly. We also reserve the right to send out two replacements to correct any issue. Failure to allow us to do a net meeting on your computer to verify the issue voids warranty. Failure to let us correct any issue you encounter and bypass getting technical support just to make a false claim that our product doesn't work is a direct violation of this agreement. In that event - no refund will be granted. All request to us for technical support, help with installation or any other issues must be presented to us in writing or email. We must be given the right to correct all issues. We reserve the right and the final decision as to whether a product is working on your computer per our quality guidelines. Failure to abide by this policy / refusal to give us the chance to correct the issue forfeits your right to a refund. In the event that we exhausted all means to get our software successfully installed on your computer / phone support / replacements sent / net meeting where we view your computer screen to test the software / assist in getting it operating properly / verify the software isn't working on your computer - then at that point a refund will be given. We reserve the right to fix any installation issue within 30 days of notifying us in writing of the issue for USA Customers and 45 days for non-USA Customers. This timeframe can be extended at our discretion should a user delay any step in the process. In the event that an user experiences freezing or sudden program closing - this is more than likely the result of system configuration in terms of memory allocation. We will make suggestions to the user to resolve this issue. Harper Arrington Publishing LLC is also not be held responsible for any loss of work due to unexpected program crashes or computer failure. This is a clause that is typical in all software agreements. Users acknowledge that they are using the software at their own risk. However, we do deem and certify that our software is safe to use. We do not warrant any third party software that may come with any of our programs. Any third party software has its own agreement and warranties that can be found by reading their About Section when their software is launched on a user's computer. For Non-USA Customers, StartingAClothingLine.com / Harper Arrington is not responsible for any duties or taxes charged by your importing Country / Tax Authority. It is up to client to pay these taxes if accessed by your government. Failure to pay any import taxes that result in your order being returned is subject to 30% restocking fee + accessed actual shipping fees. All countries do not charge import taxes but most do. This information is covered on our FAQ's / Customer Service Page.

Digital Fashion Pro can run on all Windows Operating Systems. Mac users can also use Digital Fashion Pro as long as you have a Intel based Mac with MAC OS 10.7 or Higher. Users will receive Digital Fashion Pro on USB Install Drive. Also there are no refunds on books purchased that are not published by Harper Arrington. Non-Harper Arrington Published books are found in our other publisher's section. Once a order is shipped -normal restocking fees apply even if ordered is canceled while in transit - this only applies to items that are returnable. All CD-ROM items, software, usb items, eBooks and books published by other publishers are non-refundable items even if you cancel your order while they are still in transit. You cannot resell Digital Fashion Pro and all upgrades to a different person / entity once purchased for any reason. You agree that you are purchasing it for your use or as a gift. Technical Support for Digital Fashion Pro is only available via E-mail for 90 days after purchase. Free technical support only covers installations issues only. Additional and further technical support is available at a fee. Also note that a free graphics program which is governed under GUI licensing is included free of charge with the Digital Fashion Pro System. This program is free as we do charge or give it any monetary value or consideration in that regard. All prices for Digital Fashion Pro cover our direct published items which are clothing templates, model templates, digital fabrics, training materials and other misc templates included in the system. The free graphics program is not included in the Digital Fashion Pro system and is totally independent of Digital Fashion Pro from a legal standpoint. It is included to give our clients a chance to start designing without huge start-up cost. Clients can opt to use our system with other vector graphic programs on the market if they choose. However, training is not provided for other programs. Consulting, Design Services and Tutoring Services are non-refundable once purchased and services have been rendered.

Also note that we reserve the right to use your company name in our client list unless you make an written request otherwise. Harper Arrington cannot be held liable for any advice given during client consulting services. We do not endorse or guarantee any manufacturer or company on the Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook. Use the list at your discretion. We cannot be held liable for any activities or issues related to you hiring a contractor / supplier that you may have found using our products as we are not affiliated with any of them. All items purchased from superstore section / published by other publishers are non-refundable. Should a delivery attempt be made and you are not available, it is up to you to notify us to reship your package. New shipping fees may apply. Should a package be refused by recipient once delivery is attempted, and it comes back to us - that is equivalent to a return with no return authorization - normal return policy listed above with dictate further proceedings. For flex payments plans - once you purchase a flex payment there is not cancellation after purchase. You agree to the product shipping schedule that is displayed on our web site. Flex Payment is a legal contract between the customer and Harper Arrington. Failure to make the required flex payments for any reason will result in future merchandise not being shipped and no returns or refunds will be given. Any request of cancellation of a layaway program where applicable is subject to a 25% cancellation fee. We also reserve the right to change prices or run special promotions at any given time and no refunds or credits will be made to clients who may have purchased the same item or package at an higher price once the items are shipped. In the event that an order is being returned where the item had a free shipping promotion - shipping charges will be assessed and deducted from any refund amount along with the restocking fee.

Product Registration and Verification

If your order included Digital Fashion Pro - Please follow the instructions that came in your package to Register the product prior to installing. It may only be installed on one machine per license unless additional licenses were purchases. After installing all of the steps - you will then need to verify your registration and successful completion of the installment steps using the instructions that came in your package. After the verification of installment stage - any additional electronic upgrades that were included in your order / package will then be sent to you via email download within 1 business day. Be sure to check your junk mail folder.

Reward Points:

Reward Points are shown in your account. Rewards Points carry a $1 value for each point when ordering items that Harper Arrington / StartingAClothingLine.com publish directly. They carry a 50 cent value per point when purchasing items that we do not directly publish. Reward points will applied as a credit back to your account when new order is placed. 

Further note, terms and conditions are subject to change. Be sure to check back for updates.

I confirm that I agree with all terms and conditions of this sale. I also acknowledge that this sale will not go through / process until I have accepted the StartingAClothingLine.com terms and conditions.